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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aubrey O'Day - Party All The Time

Aubrey O'DayFor a while now, former Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day has been talking about the electro pop sound she plans on bringing to her first solo record. Up until now, it's just been talk. Well, now we finally have something to sink our teeth into! Aubrey O'Day and producer Maestro (Lil Wayne, The Game, Ice Cube) have created a electro-pop masterpiece...or re-created I should say.

Aubrey O'Day"Party All The Time," was originally done by Eddie Murphy in 1985, then updated in 2006 (as "PATT") by Iranian-American house DJ/Producer Sharam (of Deep Dish). This time around, the song is covered by Aubrey who slinkily sings her way through the track with the help ex-Danity Kane singer D. Woods' sister Shanell. Rumored to be the theme song for Aubrey's upcoming reality show - this song has DANCE CLUB HIT written all over it. I see so much remix potential for this track. I'm hoping it gets an official release some day soon. In the meantime, listen to it HERE. - Via The Prophet

Aubrey O'DayCheck out Aubrey O'Day on the web: Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter

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Album Review: Erika Jayne - Pretty Mess

Dance music is my thing. Whether it be a remix of a pop song or an original production...if it has that steady dance beat that gives me a certain swagger walkin' down the street - you know it's doing what it's supposed to. I'm by no means a club kid. In fact, I avoid the clubs like the plague. Don't get me wrong...I love dancing, but not in a club environment. This might be confusing to some, given my passion for the art of the remixed song. Perhaps it's insecurity...perhaps it's the fact that I haven't found the right crowd yet. Whatever my reasons are, after listening to the new Erika Jayne album Pretty inhibitions are melting away and I'm THIS close to entering a club.

Erika Jayne - Pretty MessWhen I heard Jayne's first single, "Roller Coaster" I have to admit that I wasn't that impressed. I first heard the remixes (by Moto Blanco, Mark Knight, DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious, Dave Pezza, M2, and Peter Rafelson) and of course loved them...but there wasn't much in the way vocal. I like my dance music with vocals. If there's not a powerful voice carried by that bass line, I'm not into it. When I downloaded the album version of "Roller Coaster," I was disappointed that there wasn't really much more in the way of vocals. The song had a catchy beat, but it was just a lot of dirty whispering (the song has since grown on me significantly). Enter "Stars" and my whole outlook on Erika Jayne changed.
Erika Jayne - Roller Coaster"Stars" has everything...a driving dance beat, a hook, a beautiful melody and strong vocals to back it all up. You know it's a solid song in my book when I love the original AS MUCH IF NOT MORE than the remixes (by Moto Blanco, Steve Mac, DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious, Tony Moran & Warren Riggs, Eric Kupper, Mike Rizzo, Peter Rafelson & CagedBaby).
Erika Jayne - Stars
Upon my first listen of Pretty Mess (out now on E1 Music, formerly KOCH Records), a number of comparisons were going through my mind. Some tracks ("Just A Phaze") called to mind early Madonna. Let's say if Madonna was recording her debut album in 2009 - this is what it would sound like. Other times she reminded me of a blend of Cyndi Lauper & Lisa Stansfield ("Lose Myself"), while still others recall Gwen Stefani ("Run Along"). Apparently, I'm not alone. UK newspaper the Guardian wrote that Erika Jayne "is Madonna trapped in the moment when she recorded the Erotica album. She's Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge goes trance with a dash of debauchery, or Gwen Stefani goes burlesque."
Erika Jayne - StarsI think they nailed it...and so does Jayne herself! "That is a perfect description of my music and vibe, actually" she says. As sexy as she is talented, Jayne was also inspired by Purple Rain, old Hollywood fashion, Studio 54 and Kylie Minogue. No wonder why I love this record! Speaking of Prince, "Time To Realize" features "Prince protégé" Sheila E. on percussion. Hot indeed! Also playing homage to Purple Rain is a cover of the Apollonia 6 track "Sex Shooter" (I knew that song sounded familiar!).
Erika Jayne - Give You EverythingServing as producers and co-writers on her debut album are big names in dance - Peter Rafelson (Madonna, Britney Spears) and Eric Kupper (Shakira, Kylie Minogue) - both of whom I know exclusively for their dance remixes. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that a favorite of mine, Canadian singer/songwriter Esthero (as Pinklake) contributed additional production to the album. All of this adds up to a very impressive debut.
Erika JayneWith three #1 dance singles, Erika Jayne can only go up from here... and up she goes with several songs making it into Hollywood motion picture soundtracks for American Summer (2009), Deal and Bumper (2008) and The Neighbor (2007). Erika Jayne is a star-in-the-making. The official press release couldn't be more dead on, calling her "perfect dance-pop confection." I'm sold. Look for me in a club near you endulging my sweet tooth.
Top Tracks: Stars, Just A Phaze, Give You Everything, Sex Shooter
Check out Erika Jayne on the web: Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter//YouTube

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New Album Art Wednesday!

You know me and album artwork by now. I'm obsessed with it. Need to have it. Here's a bunch of new stuff for you to scope out. Thanks mostly to Coverlandia.

Blake Lewis - Sad Song Much to my surprise, iTunes was selling remixes for the new Blake Lewis single "Sad Song" this Tuesday. Featuring remixes by Jason Nevins, Pilotpriest, and Craig C, this is a pretty hot collection. It also features new album art with Blake actually in the photo. That makes it all better for me!

Eva Simons - Silly Boy US Single
Eva Simons - Silly Boy Digital Single
I've heard rumblings about Eva Simons but only just now did I actually listen to her debut single, "Silly Boy." Wow. It's hot! Apparently it's coming out in the U.S. on September 7th. Exciting indeed. The 25 year old Dutch singer first gained recognition in 2004 as part of the now defunct pop group Raffish - winners of the the Dutch version of Popstars. Now signed to EMI, she has her eyes on world domination with her sexy new single, first uploaded to YouTube in May of this year.

Straight No Chaser - Six PackI was super excited when I heard that my favorite A Capella group, IU's own Straight No Chaser, was releasing a new EP. Well it's here! I guess I forgot...or thought that it was coming onto iTunes at the same time. I just didn't remember all the details. While it will eventually be released to iTunes I'm sure, right now it's being sold exclusively on the SNC official site. You have 3 options - "The Solo," which includes the EP in your choice of HQ digital file formats; "The Duet," which includes the HQ digital files AS WELL as the EP on a physical CD; finally, "The Trio" which includes everything from the first two options PLUS a free T-shirt. I chose "The Duet." I love it. So far my favorite is the boys' cover of The Script's beautiful "The Man Who Can't Be Moved." Stunning.

Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon I don't know too much by Kid Cudi to be perfectly honest, with the exception of that bangin' club remix of "Day 'n' Night" with the Crookers. Regardless, from the interviews I've read and the other tracks that I've heard this is definitely going to be a hot album. Thanks to The Prophet for posting this album art.

Nelly Furtado - Mi Plan I'm all for "world music." That being said, I'm more excited about the new Nelly Furtado English-language album (out 2010) than I am about her Spanish language album, Mi Plan (out September 15th) but I am definitely excited about ANYTHING Nelly Furtado. First single "Manos al Aire," and newer singles "Más" and the title track featuring Álex Cuba are all strong. I love Nelly's voice...PERIOD. I also am loving the Robbie Rivera remixes of "Manos al Aire" and can't wait to hear the Tiësto remixes that are forthcoming.

Shakira - She Wolf According to Coverlandia, this IS NOT CONFIRMED to be official...rather it's THOUGHT to be the official album artwork for the long awaited new English language Shakira album. I like it, whether it's fanmade or official. Shakira is looking fantastic these days. "She Wolf" is one of my favorite tracks of the summer so far and her album is looking like it will be one of my favorites of the fall. I know this will be a favorite because, working with RedOne, Pharell Williams, Wyclef and others AND because of the fact that she's admitted to having more of an electro sound this time around, how can this not be bomb? Tailor made for me.

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Concert Review - Noisettes

So - as you know, I went to go see the Noisettes yesterday. I went alone and survived. It was a little awkward. I suppose that I could have made more of an attempt to mingle, but let's be honest...I was there for the music and it was a Monday night. I'm plenty social, but I at least need to know one person.

I arrived at Great Scott at a little after 9:00 PM with no opening act to be seen. No worries. I grab a $3.00 High Life and grab a seat at a table...sharing it with a little hipster couple. No interaction at all. I sit there...Tweeting up a storm (follow me on Twitter!), updating my Facebook status, checking on friends Facebook statuses, and checking my email. I was running out of things to do!

A couple beers (and a terrific opening band called PHANTOGRAM) later, I take my final seat for the show...back of the bar at a table, right next to one of those electronic bar video games. I didn't want to cram in with all of those people that I didn't talk to, up by the stage. I just didn't have the energy. Great Scott is a small club so I wasn't worried about not being able to hear.

Noisettes - Never Forget YouA little after 11:00 PM the band starts playing "Wild Young Hearts." Shingai Shoniwa starts the first verse from off stage. She finally makes her entrance, just before the first chorus. She, of course, looks fabulous in a tight black skirt & a frilly black & white blouse with huge, ruffley shoulders. Next up..."Never Forget You" which she does absolutely beautifully. Ms. Shoniwa is a total class act.

After the 10-song set ends, the crowd of course goes crazy. I'm clapping for a few minutes, but am distracted by Twitter (per usual). When I look up...I see Shingai Shoniwa herself, being helped up onto the table in front of mine. How unexpected! She starts singing "Atticus," and of course...pure brilliance. I whip out my camera (others were doing it, so I did it...always my motto) and start snapping photos. No one stopped me! I didn't want to be TOO obnoxious though, so I only got a few. I probably could have repositioned myself and got some better shots, but c'est la vie.

Noisettes Live at Great Scott
Shingai Shoniwa at Great Scott in Allston, MA

At one point, Shingai jumps down from the table (gracefully, of course) and runs over to these two guys who were talking. Sitting in one of their laps, she serenades him, while the other one awkwardly texts on his mobile. Being escorted back up on the table, Shingai finishes the song by doing a very slow somersault, landing on her back, mic in hand. AMAZING. She runs back up to the stage and does "Children of the Revolution." Wow. That's really all I can say. While I'm not too sure I would do another concert alone...I'm definitely glad I went. What a show!

Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts
Set List:

Wild Young Hearts
Never Forget You
24 Hours Ago
Saturday Night
Don't Give Up
Every Now And Then
Scratch Your Name
Don't Upset The Rhythm
Sister Rosetta (Capture The Spirit)


Children Of The Revolution

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