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Friday, July 10, 2009

ArjanWrites Touts VV Brown & Paloma Faith as 'new hot talent'

Last post of the night...just a few odds and ends. First off, I've always loved Arjan's blog ArjanWrites. Recently he's been spot lighting a couple of my favorite UK acts, touting them as the next big things. This makes me happy! First up...

VV Brown

I can't believe I didn't hear about this, but apparently Arjan nominated VV for the MTV Logo Award for an international artist with "crossover potential." I couldn't agree more with his assessment. As I've said over and over and over again - this girl is going to be huge! Check out Arjan's blog and download VV's lastest UK single, "Shark In The Water" GUILT-FREE. According to Arjan, it's a thank you for all of those fans that voted! I'm still hoping and praying for a U.S. release. The debut album from VV Brown, Travelling Like The Light, is released in the UK this next Monday.

Paloma Faith

Another artist I'm blogged about before is UK stunner/former burlesque performer Paloma Faith. I purchased a remix promo for her debut single "Stone Cold Sober," with hot remixes from Cicada and now I'm eagerly awaiting the release of her new single "New York," a video for which has recently been shot. Her first video was directed by the great Sophie Muller. The new video, per Paloma's blog is being directed by Vaughan Arnell. Paloma's debut album, Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful comes out in the UK on September 21st. Way too long to wait, if you ask me! Check out what Arjan has to say about the Paloma HERE.

Upcoming Remixes:

In other are some upcoming remixes that I'm looking forward to in the coming months.


While I'm not a long time fan of Bananarama, these remixes for their upcoming new single sound very promising.

1. Wideboys Club Mix
2. Riffs & Rays Club Mix
3. Ian Mastersons Extended Mix
4. Wideboys Dub
5. Riffs & Rays Radio Edit
6. Wideboys Club Edit
7. Wideboys A Mix
8. Radio Edit
9. Album Version

Britney Spears

Love you Britney. Not so much loving the
new single though, as I've already mentioned. Remixed, "Radar" could grow on me.

1. Radio Edit
2. Manhattan Clique Mix
3. Tonal Club Mix
4. Bloodyshy & Avant Mix
5. Manhattan Clique Radio Edit
6. Tonal Radio Edit


I do love me some Ciara remixes. "1,2 Step" got a nice re-work by FORD. I think that these Pokerface mixes could be pretty dope.

1. Pokerface Radio Edit
2. Pokerface Club Mix

I've always loved Pink. No doubt. This track is definitely one of my favorites off of Pink's new album and hearing about these Digital Dog mixes is seriously making me salivate.

1. Digital Dog Radio Edit
2. Digital Dog Clean Radio Edit
3. Digital Club Remix
4. Digital Dog Dub

Naturi Naughton - Fame

I'm so excited about this new Fame movie that's coming out. The preview made me tear up, actually. I think I really just miss performing and that's why shows like "Glee," (premiering on Fox in the Fall) and now "Fame" (in theaters September 25th) are making me so emotional. Naturi Naughton, formerly of the R&B group 3LW has a starring role in this film and I'm sure she's going to go far. Check out the film's trailer HERE to hear a bit of the song.

1. Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
2. Bimbo Jones Club Mix
3. Chris Cox Radio Edit
4. Chris Cox Club Mix
5. Paul Oakenfold Mix
6. Paul Oakenfold Instrumental

7. Marc JB Mix

Upcoming Single Releases
(UK & US):

These dates are from Radio 1's website and I believe they represent the dates when these singles are serviced to radio stations, not when they are released digitally. As I mentioned in a recent post, Shakira's song will available for download starting next week. Hmm...anyone know what these dates on the Radio 1 site represent? Anyway, check out some of my most anticipated single releases.

July 13th*
Alina – When You Leave (Numa Numa)
Square1 feat Siobhan Donaghy – Styfling

July 14th
U2 - I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

July 20th*
Frankmusik - Confusion Girl
MSTRKRFT feat John Legend – Heartbreaker

July 21st
Kristinia Debarge - Future Love
Shakira - She Wolf

July 27th*
Dolly Rockers – Gold Digger

Ausust 3rd*
Little Boots – Remedy
Tinchy Stryder feat Amelle Berrabah - Never Leave You
Pink – Funhouse

Ausust 10th*
Booty Luv - Say It
Calvin Harris feat Mary Pearce - Ready For The Weekend
Flo Rida feat Nelly Furtado – Jump
Preston – Dressed To Kill
Steve Appleton – City Won’t Sleep
Zarif – Over

Ausust 17th*
Daniel Merriweather – Impossible
Esmee Denters - Outta Here

Ausust 24th*
Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
Lily Allen – 22
Noisettes – Every Now And Then
Remi Nicole - Standing Tears Apart

Ausust 31st*
Gossip – Love Long Distance
Pixie Lott – Boys And Girls

* Indicates UK Release Dates

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