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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hot Video Alert: MANIKA feat. Lil Twist - Just Can't Let You Go

Boy, do I have a treat for you. Just in time for summer, let me introduce MANIKA (pronounced Ma-NEE-ka). This fresh new talent combines sweet, melodic pop vocals with an effervescent personality to create the perfect summer single. Managed by Frank DiLeo (Michael Jackson's long-time manager) and CeCe Sammy (of UK's Pop Idol), MANIKA plans to release her debut single, "Just Can't Let You Go," June 14th on Wamaframa Records, distributed by Sony/RED. The infectious single, which features Young Money's own Lil Twist, was written and produced by Tearce Kizzo and Francci (Keyshia Cole, Pattie LaBelle, JoJo) and is accompanied by a sweet-as-pie video clip, directed by Travis Payne (choreographer and associate producer of Michael Jackson's This Is It).

Still in the studio, perfecting her debut album, MANIKA is collaborating with top producers and songwriters including Qura Rankin Evan Bogart (Beyonce, Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Natasha Bedingfield, Jennifer Lopez) as well as Tearce and Francci. Expect an album as well as a tour later this year. MANIKA is looking to take over summer pop radio stations with her debut single and according to Frank DiLeo, she has what it takes to extend her reach far beyond the summer season.
"MANIKA is a supernova ready to explode. She's a very rare and unique talent, who can do it all. She sings, she acts, she writes and delivers everything with her trademark style of sassiness and soul. I can't wait for the rest of the world to discover her. The Kid has it."
Not only is MANIKA beautiful but she's also talented - a winning combination if you ask me. Her worldly good looks come from her mixed heritage, including Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Spanish. The talented artist is winner of the Outstanding Performance Award three years in a row at the National Performing Arts Festival in New York City and at the age of 15, she wrote and published her first children's book, donating proceeds to the Nevada SPCA animal shelter. Talented and philanthropic. Amazing! While "Just Can't Let You Go" may be too saccharine sweet for some, I think it's the perfect song for summer. Think HOKU meets Charice for 2011. Love! I also am loving Lil Twist, who also featured in Music Is My King Size Bed-favorite, Dionne Bromfield's new single "Foolin'." All in all, a great start for a promising new talent.
Check out Manika on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Amos Lee - Flower

I've been hearing about singer/songwriter Amos Lee for some time now. I've listened to him before, but for one reason or another, his music just never struck the right note with me. Then, I watched the video for his latest single, "Flower" and something just started jiving. I don't know if it's the song itself, the way Lee sings it or the innovative video - but something happened and I'm starting to feel like a big idiot.

Lee's music is a mix of styles and genres, specifically folk, soul and jazz and his voice suits each of them. Touring with the likes of Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Norah Jones, Merle Haggard, Dave Matthews Band and more, Amos has gathered up quite the little fan following. That fan following helped get his fourth album, Mission Bell to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart back in January when it was released on Blue Note Records. The album also peaked at #1 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart.  Very impressive!  Lee's previous album, Last Days at the Lodge, peaked at #29 on the Billboard 200, making Mission Bell his highest charting album to date.

Featuring collaborations with Willie Nelson, Lucinda Williams, Priscila Ahn, Pieta Brown, James Gadson, Sam Beam (from Iron & Wine) and members of the band Calexico - it's no wonder Mission Bell was such a hot ticket! His music is also very soundtrack suitable, appearing in episodes of House, Parenthood, Army Wives, ER, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy as well as in a couple of films.

Check out the super cool video, directed by production company //kneeon.  //kneeon has done videos for artists Ryan Star & Jim Jones as well as for websites, including Etsy, Facebook and 2011 lineup videos for the Outside Lands & Bonnaroo festivals.  Check out //kneeon's official website and look at some of the other cool videos they've done.  Download Amos Lee's album Mission Bell on iTunes HERE or just snag the single "Flower" if you're so inclined.
Check out Amos Lee on the web:

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