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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Musical Amuse-bouche: A Little Bit of Everything...

During my blogging "hiatus" I've saved a lot of emails, press releases, Tweets and MySpace blogs about artists that I LOVE...knowing that one day I will be inspired to blog about it. Now that I'm back on the blogging bandwagon, here's a little musical "Amuse-bouche" - undoubtedly the first of many.

Jay Sean
    Jay Sean and Diane Warren Collaborate: According to Jay Sean via Twitter, Diane Warren (Cher, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton) just penned a new song for the up and coming UK R&B/popstar. Per Sean, "she just wrote me a SMASH." - via Twitter
    Little Dragon
    Little Dragon - "A New" (Clay Moon Remix): Little Dragon is a band from Sweden that I really need to give another shot. I saw them in concert recently with V.V. Brown opening, but left before the end of the set. This remix is trippy...but in a good way. Check it out HERE. - via Twitter
      • Clay Aiken to Release a Standards Album: Good God. Clay Aiken is back with an album of standards. Out on June 1st, Tried And True features Aiken crooning classics like "Moon River," "Mack The Knife" and "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." Check out the creepy cover art HERE. - via Chart Rigger

        • Sophie Ellis-Bextor's New Single Failing To Impact Charts: Poor Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Looks like UK radio stations aren't playing Sophie's new SMASH single, "Bittersweet." Pity! It's such a gorgeous song (produced by the incomparable Freemasons). Accompanied by a beautiful video, I'm not sure what the deal is. Hopefully things pick up when the single is physically released on May 3rd. - via Sophierazzi
          Fefe Dobson

          New Fefe Dobson Album due out May 14th
          : Well THIS has been a long time coming! Fefe Dobson's long-awaited second album (now called Joy) will be released on May 14th. This will be Dobson's first new album in 7 years (after Sunday Love was scrapped and Dobson was dropped by Island Records). Now RE-SIGNED to Island Records, Joy will be released with help from 21 Music, her manager's label. Check out the video for "I Want You." - via Music Fascination

              • Geri Halliwell Back In The Studio: Former Spice Girl and UN Goodwill Ambassador Geri Halliwell is reportedly BACK in the studio and making new music. If this is true, this would be her first album since 2005's chart failure, Passion. The album stalled on the UK charts at 41 while both singles fared a little better with "Ride It" peaking at 4 and "Desire" peaking at 22. It will be interesting to see what direction Halliwell goes with her fourth album. - via Daily Mirror
              • Kelis' Production Team Release Flesh Tone Mixtape: There's a new mixtape floating around the internet, courtesy of DJ Replay from FreeSchool, the production team that's been working with Kelis on her forthcoming electro-dance album Flesh Tone. The 25 + minute mixtape features snippets of new material as well as remixes and mashups of past songs including "Milkshake," "Bossy," "Get Along With You" and "Caught Out There." Check it out! - via MixCrate

                Lisa Scinta
                  YouTube Sensation Lisa Scinta Covers the Hits: A co-worker introduced me to this talented singer who has a YouTube channel FILLED with covers of all the latest pop/R&B jams. My favorites? Check out her covers of Drake's "Best I Ever Had", Iyaz's "Replay," Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say" Train's "Hey, Soul Sister," The Script'sBreakeven" and "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon. - via Lisa

                  • New MGMT Video - "Flash Delirium" (Uncensored): Check out this video for MGMT's new song "Flash Delirium." While the band isn't releasing traditional singles with their new album, Congratulations, looks like they are still promoting the album using the tradition methods...AKA music videos. - via MGMT VEVO

                    Michelle Branch
                    Michelle Branch Explains Album Delay and Talks Timbaland Collaboration: I LOVE Michelle Branch. When I heard that The Wreckers were taking a break while both she and Jessica Harp work on their solo careers, I was excited. Country, typically speaking, isn't my cup of tea. Of course, Branch's solo album is expected to have a country influence but that's fine. I'll deal. The Prophet Blog referred to a blog post (which I cannot find any more) in which Branch explains the internal label turmoil over at Warner Nashville. Branch assures her fans that the label is still VERY supportive of her new material. "There's light at the end of the tunnel" she says. She closes by hinting at a "super exciting" bit of news, which she revealed via Twitter the next day. "Just got home from the studio with Timbaland." Doubt this is for the new album but can't wait to hear this collaboration! - via The Prophet Blog

                      • After Split with Epic, Jennifer Lopez Joins Island/Def Jam Family: With Jennifer Lopez already in the midst of promoting her forthcoming 7th studio album, Love? her split with Sony's Epic Records in February came as a bit of a shock. Initial reports were saying that Love? was being scrapped altogether but Lopez maintained that the album was on its way. Now, Lopez herself has confirmed signing with L.A. Reid's Island Def Jam label. With the lackluster chart performance of both "Fresh Out The Oven" and "Louboutins," it will be interesting to see where Def Jam takes Lopez and her new album. - via HitFix

                        Katie Perry
                        Katy Perry's Sophomore Set will be a "Summer Record": Love her or hate her, Katy Perry is someone to talk about. Katy's follow up to her Grammy-nominated "One of the Boys" is due out this summer and according to Perry at the Kids' Choice Awards - "It's a summer record." Talking about what fans can expect from the album, she says "It's roller-skating! It's 90's! It's Ace of Base! It's Cyndi Lauper." This album sounds potentially VERY hot. Collaborating with the likes of Greg Wells, Guy Sigsworth, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Rivers Cuomo, this could be one of the most anticipated albums of the summer! - via MTV

                          Nadine Coyle
                            Nadine Coyle Signs Label Deal with Geffen Records: According to sources, Girls Aloud's Nadine Coyle has inked a deal with Geffen Records. This is exciting news, as there have been rumors swirling about that Coyle was having difficulty nailing a label deal. Coyle has been had at work making her debut solo album, recording with producers William Orbit, Mike Elizondo , Toby Gad, Guy Chambers, Steve Booker, Desmond Child and Tony Kanal. She's also written material with Lucie Silvas, Kyle Cook (from Matchbox 20) and J Remy. - via Digital Spy

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                            Groove Armada and Will Young Make 'History'

                            Will Young
                            I'd been hearing about the Will Young/Groove Armada collaboration for a while before Groove Armada's new album, Black Light was finally released. THIS is the kind of music Mr. Young should be putting out. His voice is just so well suited to this style. FLAWLESS. The song is called "History" and you can see Young performing it live on Jonathan Ross' show on BBC 1 below. If this isn't a single from Black Light I'll be very disappointed. The fact that it's being performed live and promoted is a good sign, right?

                            Young confirmed last year that he's working on a dance album, collaborating with the likes of Superbass as well as Groove Armada and Gregg Alexander. In addition to the dance album, Young is also at work on an album of cover songs by playwright/composer/director/actor/singer Noel Coward.

                            Young will be co-headlining with Bananarama at this year's Osborne House Summer Concerts on The Isle of Wight. Young will be performing on Saturday July 31st, and Bananarama the following Sunday. You can get tickets now by clicking HERE.

                            Check out Will Young on the web:

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                            Katie Melua Previews 5 New Tracks from 'The House'

                            If you thought I was excited BEFORE about the new Katie Melua album and single, you should see me now. Katie Melua's former producer Mike Batt tweeted about a little sneak preview of the The House posted on Dramatico's YouTube Channel. Previewed here we have 5 songs from the new album (Due May 24th in the UK, August 3rd in the US). First single "The Flood" is released on May 17th in the UK.

                            The first is a typical Katie Melua ballad called "I'd Love To Kill You." By typical i don't mean bad. I just mean that there's no evidence of William Orbit's signature sound on the track. From the minute of the song that I can hear, it's beautiful...very melodic. It maybe sounds like an unreleased track from Pictures. The video shows Melua singing/recording the song live...though I'm not sure where and when this was shot.

                            Next we are treated to "The Flood," although not just the song. We are given a special sneak peek at Melua filming the what looks to be GORGEOUS music video. The intro to "The Flood" still sounds like Standard Katie Melua-fare, which again isn't a bad thing. But when the song hits the two minute mark it launches into something COMPLETELY different and unexpected. Definitely a good thing!

                            The clip of the next song, "A Happy Place" starts off with Melua hitting high notes in what sounds like a beautifully haunting track. The song quickly shifts tempos and becomes more dancey and fun. The accompanying video features a little bit of Melua recording the song and a sped of montage sequence of London at night. What I am really loving about this "new sound" is that even when the beats become faster and more experimental, Melua's crisp, clear vocals still remain the primary focus of the track. The production only serves as an enhancement.

                            "A Moment of Madness" and "Red Balloons" round out the sneak preview. Both tracks are beautifully sung and in a more laid back style both production-wise as well as vocally. Melua's vocals have the tendency to float over top of the melody in such a beautiful way. Thank you Dramatico for posting this taste of Katie Melua's The House. It was the PERFECT little teaser. on the lookout for remixes of "The Flood" by Danny Kirsch. Can't wait!

                            Check out Katie Melua on the web:
                            Official Site (UK/US)//MySpace//Facebook

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