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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hot Video Alert: Graffiti6 - Free

So...Graffiti6 released a new video. It's not flashy, it's not's understated and beautiful.  The Jay Martin-directed video is for the English electropop/rock duo's latest single, "Free" lifted off of their EP of the same name which came out back in October.  Set in a sparsely furnished loft somewhere in download LA, the video features an incredibly sexy Jamie Scott (lead singer) paired up with an attractive female model.  The video is full of stunning imagery and light tricks, in addition to beautiful art work by the band's own resident artist and illustrator Jimi Crayon (see artwork above), who manages to create a kaleidoscopic visual effect all the while keeping the soft pastels, earth tones and light greys present throughout the clip. Simply stunning.  The video complements the weightlessness of the song perfectly, with Scott's beautiful falsetto creeping in like little rays of sunshine through a tattered curtain (imagery from the video).

"Free" went top 15 at AAA radio and was the most added song in it's first week at the format. Pretty impressive!  The song was a staple at such influential radio stations as KLLC and KFOG in San Francisco, KINK in Portland, KBCO in Colorado, KRVB in Boise, WYEP in Pittsburgh, KKXT in Dallas and KUT in Austin. Not only that, but "Free" was the 'Pick of the Week' in USA Today, which praised the song's "melodic bassline and singer Jamie Scott's exquisite falsetto breaks" {SOURCE}.  It was only a matter of time that Graffiti6 got some love here in the States.  After all of the prominent television spots they've had (Grey's Anatomy, Covert Affairs, CSI: NY, One Tree Hill, MTV's Teen Wolf) you'd expect that this would have happened sooner. Oh well, I'll take what I can get and I'm sure the band was beyond thrilled with the write up.  MTV even featured the group in its Freshmen 5, Artist to Watch and Push campaigns.

Just a little refresher, Graffiti6 is made up of singer/songwriter Jamie Scott and songwriter/producer TommyD, both from England.  I've been a fan of Scott's since his first attempt at a solo career as well as his dabbling in singer/songwriter folk/pop as Jamie Scott & The Town.  While I loved the neo-soul stylings of his first album, and digged on the whole folk-pop vibe of The Town, Graffiti6's brand of soul pop/rock is much more up my alley.  Look for the band to get even more attention later this month when they embark on a tour opening for American rock band Augustana starting January 17th in Anaheim, CA.  Graffiti6 will release their debut album Colours, on January 24th via Capitol Records. Check below for tour dates and download the Free EP on U.S. iTunes HERE. Also, check out my review of their Boston concert this past summer.

Tour Dates: 
January 17th//Anaheim, CA//House of Blues
January 18th//Los Angeles, CA//El Rey Theatre
January 19th//San Francisco, CA//Great American Music Hall
January 21st//Seattle, WA//The Crocodile
January 22nd//Portland, OR//Doug Fir Lounge
January 24th//Salt Lake City, UT//Club Sound
January 25th//Denver, CO//Bluebird Theater
January 27th//Minneapolis, MN//Varsity Theater
January 28th//Chicago, IL//Park West
January 30th//Ann Arbor, MI//Blind Pig
January 31st//Boston, MA//Paradise
February 1st//New York, NY//Gramercy Theatre
February 3rd//Philadelphia, PA//Theatre of the Living Arts
February 4th//Washington, DC//9:30 Club
February 6th//Charlotte, NC//Visulite Theatre
February 7th//Atlanta, GA//Vinyl

Check out Graffiti6 on the web:

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