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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Monday, October 13, 2008

New Amy Winehouse - False Hope

Amy Winehouse
I got so excited when I saw an email in my inbox from Amy Winehouse's official mailing list. It said simply: "New Album for Christmas." While I was admittedly shocked (completely unaware that she had been lucid enough to record an album over the past year and a half) I was also excited. So I went to open the email...only to discover...

New album my ass. They are repacking her previous two albums into one MASSIVE 4-disc set with b-sides and "unreleased remixes." Now this is frustrating. Here's what the email said:

  • Together 'Frank' and 'Back To Black' have established Amy Winehouse as one of the most important artists of our time. Between them these two albums have sold more than 13 million copies worldwide, winning countless awards along the way andgaining Amy unparalleled recognition as both a prodigious vocal talent and superior songwriter.

  • Nov 24 sees the release of both these albums together for the first time as a very special digi-pack 4 disc set.The package includes the deluxe versions of both albums, which as well as containing the original albums in their entirety, also feature rare performances, b-sides and unreleased remixes. Amy's story so far has been a phenomenal one, this releaserepresents an ongoing musical legacy of depth and talent which is destined to go from strength to strength.

Now I don't know about you, but I was under the impression that the LAST special edition album that was released featured b-sides and unreleased remixes? Also, wasn't her first album recently RE-RELEASED in the well as a vinyl with a bunch of "unreleased remixes" from her first album era? ALSO Also - what do they consider unreleased to mean? As in NEVER BEFORE heard? What about all the b-sides and remixes released during her first album on singles? I find it hard to believe that there are still unreleased songs/remixes from her first album, Frank but maybe I'm just being too skeptical. At any rate, her label needs to stop milking her last two albums for all they are worth and just release new material. We all know Amy is sick and getting her shit together but COME ON. We aren't going to forget about her. You don't have to keep releasing her old shit and then releasing it again. Label politics confuse the shit out of me sometimes. Alright. VENT session over. Love you Amy!

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Girls Aloud - "The Promise" Remixes

Girls Aloud - The Promise
The new single, "The Promise" from UK girl group, Girls Aloud - off of their upcoming new album Out Of Control is...meh. I don't know. Nothing new for me. I enjoy it, but I've enjoyed the majority of their last few up-tempo singles. "The Promise" doesn't cross into any new territory. I think the girls need to try something new. At any rate, the single has been remixed by American remixers/producers Jason Nevins and Dave Aude. This was unexpected for me, as the Girls have traditionally been remixed by the Xenomania production team, rarely touched by US remixers. Part of me is hoping that this is an indication that they might be attempting a U.S. launch but I doubt it. They probably just wanted to change up the remix team for the group. Fine with me. I prefer the Dave Aude mix to be honest, but both are decent efforts.

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Lady Gaga - "Poker Face" Remixes

Lady Gaga - The Fame
Since her album, The Fame was released in Canada at the end of August, I've been streaming Lady Gaga non stop. It's a pretty solid pop album if you ask me. Nothing too serious, just a fun, harmless dance pop record. It's not due out in the United States till the end of October but iTunes has released 3 singles to tide us over.
First single, "Just Dance" was out in April and had some remixes attached by Richard Vission, Trevor Simpson, Harry "Choo Choo" Romero and Guéna LG (on the French CD single). "Beautiful Dirty Rich" was released as a digital single in the U.S. and was used to promote ABC TV's tv show, Dirty Sexy Money. Now, "Poker Face" has been released (September 23rd) and is officially Lady Gaga's second Australian single. Dave Aude has done some brilliant remixes which I just heard for the first time. Dave Aude has been ROCKING it out lately. There's a radio edit, a club dub and a club mix. Look for these!
Lady Gaga - Just DanceLady Gaga - Beautiful Dirty RichLady Gaga - Poker Face

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More Upcoming Remixes!

Robyn - Cobrastyle
I first heard this song on an episode of "Greys Anatomy" (don't judge me!) in it's original form by the Teddybears. When I heard Robyn's cover that sort of solidified it for me as a favorite. Seeing her open with it on her US club tour was also pretty spectacular. There's a remix by Muscles of this song that was included on the "Konichiwa Bitches" single, but it wasn't anything special. These mixes promise to be much more of a "house" feel and I can't wait to hear the the Mason mix.

Mason Vocal Mix
Mason Dub
Adam K & Soha Remix
Bloody Beetroots Instrumental
The Touch Remix

The Veronicas - Untouched
I bought the new Veronica's album without really knowing much on it, other than "Hook Me Up," which I thought was alright. I kind of shelved the album until more recently when I saw them open up for Natasha Bedingfield. They were great live and the show reinvigorated my interest in this Aussie girl sister group. Previously, the only remix for this song (one of my new favs) was by Listen Deep. You can purchase it on iTunes...but I don't think it's too fantastic. It's fun but I was really looking for something more club friendly. A new promo promises just that. Can't wait to hear these, especially the Eddie Amador mixes.

Eddie Amador Club Edit
Eddie Amador Club
Von Doom Mixshow
Von Doom Club

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Lemar's New Single Gets Remixed

Lemar Former Fame Academy contestant & 2X MOBO/Brit award-winner, Lemar, is out with his new R&B single in November, but remixes for the track have already surfaced. Part of a promotional package sent out to DJs, an attractive 8-track promo features mixes by StoneBridge, Snowflakers, Full Phat, and Crazy Cousins. I have to say this Lemar's brand of average R&B ballads and mid-tempo slush usually doesn't do it for me. This single, by itself doesn't do it for me either, but I'm looking forward to hearing the remixes - particularly StoneBridge.

His new album, The Reason, is promising to have some more up-tempo so I'm slightly more optimistic. We'll see though.Lemar

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