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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hot Video Alert: Colette Carr - (We Do It) Primo

If you haven't listened to Colette Carr's uber-delightful, super catchy new single, "(We Do It) Primo)" then DO IT NOW!!  Check out the freshy fresh, just released video for 20-year old Colette Carr's Frankmusik-produced, Keane-sampling single. The super cute video was directed by Nate Weaver and features Carr romping around a California cul-de-sac and playing with sparklers in her "nude illusions" sequined/bejeweled top (as seen in the artwork above). Throughout the video, Carr showcases her unique sense of style and electric personality.  She truly is a star in the making. About a month ago I named Colette Carr one of my "Ones to Watch in 2011" and I still stand by that statement.  I'm loving her today more than ever.

"(We Do It) Primo" is available to download on iTunes HERE and will be featured on her forthcoming debut album, due out later this year on Cherrytree/Ncredible/Interscope Records.

Check out Colette Carr on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: The Saturdays - Notorious

The Saturdays have done it once again!  If you haven't heard their INSANELY catchy new single, "Notorious," get on the train and check out the additively fun video below (U.S. readers click HERE).  Produced by Steve Mac, "Notorious" is a proper electropop jam, showcasing each of the girls (Una Healy, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White, Rochelle Wiseman) vocally.  The sound of this single is a bit harder hitting and edgier than some of their past releases.  It's definitely got more of a club sound, which is in fact, very in these days.

Directed by Syndrome, the girls filmed the video for "Notorious" in Los Angeles.  The video starts out with the girls playing off the whole naughty secretary thing, singing each of their respective verses while doing mundane office tasks like...stamping the word "NOTORIOUS" and "THE SATURDAYS" logo on some yellow pieces of paper, or answering phones.  Once the work day is done, the girls board the very same elevator they arrived in, and ascend into some sort of rooftop club.  Shaking out their hair and unzipping some of the professional attire,  the girls strut their stuff like it's their business.  It's a hot video for a hot single.

Now, I'll be honest.  My feelings towards The Saturdays haven't always been positive.  The girls' 2008 debut album featured some quality pop tunes, at least as far as their singles were concerned. "If This Is Love," "Up," "Issues" and "Work" were all extremely catchy, if not only a little bit generic. Even their Comic Relief  charity single, a cover of Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough," was enjoyable.  Less than one year later, The Saturdays released their sophomore album, Wordshaker and once again, it featured catchy pop singles, "Forever Is Over" and (the superb) "Ego."  Following Wordshaker (which only got two singles), the girls released their Headlines! EP to tide fans over between albums, loaded with a few one-off hot jams like "Missing You," "Higher" and non-single "Karma") as well as a couple of other so-so pop numbers.  My problem with The Saturdays is a lack of consistency between the singles and the rest of the album. I know that it's a rare occurrence these days that an album doesn't have at least a little filler, but a whole album of filler? Not OK!

I'm hoping and praying that "Notorious" is a realistic indication of what we can expect with their as yet untitled third album because if it is, it's going to be HOT.  If not, at least we can look forward to a few more hot singles.  UK fans can download "Notorious" on iTunes HERE.  Already a floor-filler on it's own, "Notorious" has been remixed to perfection by Almighty, Chuckie, JRMX, Jorg Schmid, and Dexcell so practice that strut and get out on the dancefloor!

P.S. - The Saturdays are really bringing their A-game to the live performance.  Check out the lovely ladies debuting "Notorious" live on the UK version of So You Think You Can Dance! Check out their hot performance HERE!
Check out The Saturdays on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Lady Gaga - Judas

JEEZE man. I can't believe that since my last Lady Gaga post, there's been: a music video, a third single - "Edge of Glory", an appearance on Saturday Night Live, AND the release of her new album Born This Way. You snooze you lose, I guess. I wanted to post Gaga's controversial "Judas" video just for the sake of posting it. I'm not going to critique and re-hash what's already been said. Bottom video...average song. I still prefer "Judas" to "Born This Way" (the single) but not by much. "Edge Of Glory" might be my favorite single of the bunch so far, but I have yet to get myself a copy of the album so I'll reserve final judgement until that time. In the mean time, download her album on iTunes HERE and watch the STUNNING Gaga + Laurieann Gibson-directed video for second single, "Judas" below.  Feast your eyes little Monsters.
Check out Lady Gaga on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Talia Coles - Never See You Again

Talia Coles is "COUTURE" personified. According to her bio, Coles merges "high impact, genre breaking music with stunning elements of fashion and dance," creating dance pop magic. Her latest single, "Never See You Again" was a Billboard dance hit, spending 9 straight weeks on the Hot Dance Club Play chart, peaking at #19. Check out the SEXY new video for the single and see Coles strutting her stuff and looking like a super model. Gorgeous. Where did she come from?

Well...let me tell you...

In addition to a Billboard charting dance music artist, Talia Coles is also Founder and Co-President of Couture Music (alongside Jojo Brim - Senior Manager at KWL Enterprises), a music based content company based in New York/New Jersey. Coles was raised in Harlem and draws from her African American and Puerto Rican upbringing. Coming from a musical family, Coles' dad played with James Brown and Wilson Pickett. Coles herself graduated from the LaGuardia High School of Music and the Performing Arts, graduating with a diploma for music history and voice. After high school, Coles' continued with the arts, studying ballet and jazz at the Broadway Dance Theatre where she developed her passion and love for the hip-hop genre.

As if her impressive educational background wasn't enough to get excited about, Talia Coles is also a sought after songwriter, working with a diverse array of pop artists including Fabolous, Trey Songz, LL Cool J, Musiq Soulchild, Teddy Riley, Deborah Cox, Irv Gotti and Polish superstar Tatiana Okpuknik (check out my interview with Tatiana HERE). Last year, Coles released a buzz single, the Elephant Man-assisted "Nikki Wine," which featured in an episode of Burn Notice on USA here in America. Coles' latest single, the Teetimus-produced "Never See You Again" was released digitally this past March, featuring a guest rap by Couture Music artist KO Stiggity plus remixes from Razor and Guido, Mikey D and Joey Shull.  Talia Coles brand of dance pop blends hip-hop elements to make a sound totally in line with what's playing on the radio right now.

Check out the steamy hot video for "Never See You Again" below and look for for more of Talia Coles in the near future.  Download "Nikki Wine" on iTunes HERE including the Johnny Vicious remixes, AND download her latest hit, "Never See You Again" HERE.
Check out Talia Coles on the web:

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Fresh New R&B Talent, Cleo Sol Teases with Promo Single #2

Back in mid April I called twenty year old urban pop star Cleo Sol one of my "Ones To Watch in 2011," and I continue to stand by that statement. Check out this live performance of one of her new songs, "Call For Me," the recorded version of which was produced by DaVinChe (Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah). Cleo Sol's vocals are tailor-made for this style of music, which is very clearly R&B. I'm not sure when this was recorded but you can see her breath when she's singing, so it was obviously a bit nippy out.  Still...despite the cold and the extraneous background noise, Cleo Sol maintains focus and composure and makes it sound so completely effortless. I'm amazed. "Call For Me" is the second promotional single to be released by Sol, and the follow up to the electro-tinged R&B number "LoveBass." Look out for her first proper single, due out sometime this summer.
Check out Cleo Sol on the web:

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Ones to Watch in 2011: Freedom or Death

Freedom or Death is a Toronto-based folktronica duo and "This Crowded Room" is their latest single, taken from their full length release, EGO, due this Fall.   Make sure you check out the video for "This Crowded Room" below the cut.  The band was actually named after a war cry heard during the 1820 Greek War of Independence.  Freedom or Death bring a fresh perspective to the electronic music scene, which is something I'm always on the lookout for.  According to Fernandez, 1/2 of the duo:
"We want to have the freedom to make the music and the artistic choices that we want. If we can’t have that freedom, we’d rather not put anything out, which is the death of our art."
Freedom or Death blends a variety of musical genres together to create a very interesting and unique sound.  Reminiscent in many ways to James Blake, the popular electronic composer and singer/songwriter earning massive heaps of praise for his debut, Freedom or Death  is absolutely worth a listen.  Unlike a lot of electronica music out there right now, there are no driving dance beats.  "This Crowded Room" is a dreamy bit of electro-folk magic that leaves me wanting to hear more.  Mix up some acoustic folk music and traditional rock and throw in a splash of electronica and a dash of hip-hop and you've got Freedom or Death.  While a specific genre is tough to pin down, the one constant?  Substantive lyrics, of course.  According to Sway, the second half of this eccentric partnership,
"We didn’t want to get caged into any kind of pigeonhole, that’s our freedom, to make the music however it comes out. We have two different sensibilities to making music that clash, but it’s how we actually reconcile them that’s interesting."
Fernandez and Sway actually met working at a major record label, so they know the ins and outs of the music biz.  It's probably this very industry knowledge that gives them the edge that they need as independent artists. In working on their debut EP and forthcoming album, Freedom or Death know exactly what they want and they're doing it their way. Fernandez and Sway are involved every step of the way,  from the songwriting, production and performing, right down to the artwork and video direction. Fernandez elaborates a bit on the whole creative process:
"We are more interested in working with a collective of artists, rather than being a silo unto ourselves. Our artwork is being done by artists that inspire us, our videos are being shot by directors that we want to work with."
This is a very unique approach for an unknown artist. It's also very brave. With the possibility of failure lurking around every corner, Freedom or Death seem to be going balls to the wall and hoping for the best. It's a calculated risk that very well might not pay off.  Let's be honest though, these guys aren't in it for the big bucks.  They're in it for the art itself. They'd rather have complete creative control than be mass-marketed and I have nothing but respect for that.  I definitely wish them he best.  Here's a little bit about Fernandez and Sway, courtesy of the official Facebook page.

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