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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ones to Watch in 2011: Blush

BLUSH is the latest pop quintet to emerge onto the scene with their debut single, "Undivided," featuring mega rapper Snoop Dogg. BLUSH is Victoria (Hong Kong), Natsuko (Japan), Angeli (The Philippines), Ji Ha (Korea) and Alisha (India), five talented and beautiful girls trying to carve out their own niche in an already crowded pop market. Their debut single, "Undivided" was produced by Darrell Brown (Keith Urban, Bon Jovi) and Steve Schnur (veteran A&R exec and soundtrack album producer) and mixed by Manny Marroquin (P!nk, Rihanna). It's fitting that the song allows each of the five girls to shine, given that the message is all about empowerment.  You go girls!

The video premiered June 20th as part of Yahoo! Music Monday and is the first first-ever music video created solely utilizing the BRUSHES app for the iPad. Pretty cool, eh? The clip was created by acclaimed animator Shawn Harris, who sought inspiration from early 80s animation seen in shows like The Electric Company and Sesame Street, as well as graffiti by "mysterious international artist Blu." The video, which features nearly 7,000 finger brush strokes was a labor of love for Harris.
“The best media for this technique wasn't print, but video,” explains Harris. “The Brushes application isn't designed specifically for animation, but if you can manage to be deliberate enough to record each brush-stroke as a separate frame, it lends itself to a very organic-feeling style of stop-motion finger-painting. The video is an exposed process--basically one painting, painted over and over and over itself.”
Fantastic! I'm usually pretty wary of animated videos (I'm talkin to you BRITNEY SPEARS) because it usually means that the artists or record labels were just too cheap to film an actual video, but in the case of "Undivided," the artists and label are clearly making strides in new and interesting directions, going places where other videos haven't gone before, and that's pretty cool! The single was released June 21st on U.S. iTunes by FarWest Entertainment, a Hong Kong/Shanghai/Singapore-based production company.  I'd really love to see BLUSH succeed here in North America.  Given just how many girl groups are out there today, it's nice to see one so culturally diverse as BLUSH is.  Girl power is indeed back and BLUSH has more than enough to go around.  Download "Undivided" on U.S. iTunes HERE.
Check out Blush on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Dessie - Whatcha Got

Yikes. Take a look at this tragedy. I should have known things were going south after Dessie was pitched to me as "the Rebecca Black of Sweden." Since when is Rebecca Black a name that other artists want to be associated with? I mean sure, her debut single "Friday" was an Internet sensation, grabbing Katy Perry's attention enough to have her included in her latest video...but what ever happened to talent?  Produced by Trinity (Agnes, Pussycat Dolls, The Veronicas) "Whatcha Got" is Dessie's debut single, available now on Swedish iTunes.  The song has been remixed by Seb1Beatz, which you can listen to HERE (a vast improvement upon the original).

While Dessie (AKA Desiree Nilsson) may be touted as Sweden's answer to Rebecca Black, I wanted to mention a couple of glaring differences between the two...stars.  Firstly, Dessie has the support of a major label behind her...Universal Music Sweden. Rebecca Black's parents paid a couple thousand bucks for their daughter to record a song and shoot the video.  That being said, Universal Music must be aware of how bad she is, yet somehow still think she's marketable? I don't get it.  Dessie also partnered up with a respected production team, whereas Rebecca Black worked with virtual nobodys.  Again - these producers must have realized that the talent they were working on was not all that talented, right?

Another key difference between the two..ahem... pop stars - Dessie had a following going into this career change, whereas Rebecca Black rose from complete obscurity.  Dessie is a well known Swedish party/fashion blogger, posting sexy self portraits of herself and party pictures with many drinks in hand and boys kissing her.  Basically, she's a socialite wannabe...the Paris Hilton of Sweden, minus the family fortune.   I honestly don't know much about her background, but based on what I've seen so far- I think I'm all set.

Debut single, "Whatcha Got" was released on June 20th, hitting the iTunes top ten immediately after it's release.  The video, which was uploaded the day before, amassed 325,000 views in just two days.  Pretty impressive.  "Lush lips, lovely legs, Dessie makes you dizzy BAM!" Dizzy? Yes. Nauseous also.  Watch the video (AT YOUR OWN RISK) for "Whatcha Got" below and download the single on Swedish iTunes HERE.
Check out Dessie on the web:

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