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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Darren Hayes - Me Myself And (I)

Darren Hayes is back with a second official single from his 2 disc album, THIS DELICATE THING WE'VE MADE. First came the club single, Step Into The Light followed by radio single On The Verge Of Something Wonderful. Now we have Me, Myself And (I).

The track in and of itself is a pretty club friendly track, but the added bonus of remixes makes it even more club-centric. Due out on November 5th in the UK, this track was co-written by Hayes. The video can be seen on YouTube and it's quite a bit of fun. You can pre-order the track digitally on 7Digital or just wait till tomorrow! 7Digital is releasing it with two remixes by Wayne G./Andy Allder and Andrew Friendly.

Other Known Remixes Include:

7th Heaven Club Mix
7th Heaven Dub Mix
7th Heaven Radio Mix
Andrew Friendly No Dub Mix
Andrew Friendly Total Dub Mix
DJ Wayne G & Andy Allder Lucky Club Remix
DJ Wayne G & Andy Allder Mix

Check it out!

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Craig David - Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)

Hmm...Craig David, British R&B/Pop singer is back with a new album and single. If the first single is any indication, this is going to be a lot more fun than his last effort! "Hot Stuff (Let's Dance)" is the new single off his new album TRUST ME due in the UK on November 9th.

You can listen to snippets from the entire album at but it looks like it's a mix of R&B ballads and some slickly produced mid and uptempo jams. In other words...typical Craig David. Plenty of single worthy tracks if you ask me but we'll see what his label winds up doing. Hot Stuff was definitely a smart choice for the first single. With two remixes (by Touché and Chase & Status) this track could be big at the clubs as well. Here's to hopin' he gets some more remixes out there!

Welcome back Craig David. We've missed you. Oh...and might I just add how HOT you're lookin' these days with the stubble and new trim!

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The Next Doll (Sort Of) - Chelsea Korka

Imagine my surprise when I read about Chelsea Korka from THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT DOLL, joining another girl group founded by Pussycat Dolls founder, Robin Antin!

The CW show pitted girls against one another with the ultimate prize being a chance to join the Pussycat Dolls as another member of the singing, dancing pop act. While Korka didn't win (Asia Nitollano did--and reportedly opted not to join PCD, instead going solo) she was my favorite. While her dancing ability was always at the bottom compared to the other girls, her singing talent and beauty had me rooting for her from the beginning. Going from self-proclaimed "fat girl" to the hot thing she is now also added an interesting dimension to her character.

Signed with Interscope Records, The Paradiso Girls is the new girl group, created by PCD founder Robin Antin. While details are few and far between right now, the group appears to be aiming for the European pop market. The group consists of 5 members, 3 English, 1 French and 1 American (Korka). According to Korka's MySpace blog the girl group will differ from groups like the Pussycat Dolls in that there will be no defined lead singer.
This is pretty exciting. The group will most likely be promoted and marketed in Europe though like I said before, there is very little concrete information available now about The Paradiso Girls. Good for Korka! She also reports in her blog that she has been taking dancing lessons. Wishing her the best!

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Mutya Buena - B Boy Baby

I was rather elated when I learned that Mutya Buena (formerly of the Sugababes) decided to release her collaboration with Amy Winehouse, "B Boy Baby," as the next single from her debut solo effort. Borrowing from the 1963 Ronette's song, "Be My Baby," this new track is a grower. These days, almost anything (musically) that Winehouse touches, has been turning to gold (or at least silver or bronze), so let's hope the same thing happens here.

REAL GIRL has by and large been a big disappointment for me. The album versions of "Real Girl" and "Just A Little Bit" have been unimpressive in my opinion. The Moto Blanco Remix of "Real Girl" was enjoyable, while the remixes of "Just A Little Bit" were rather boring. The Mutya/Groove Armada collaboration was kinda hot ("Song 4 Mutya"). Even the Amy Winehouse duet didn't start off well with me but it's growing on me.

Apparently Soulwax and the Desert Eagles have remixed this new single so hopefully that will seal the deal with me. As far as I can tell, Mutya's album hasn't been doing too well on the UK album charts, with each new single selling worse than it's predecessor. Here's to Mutya! Best of luck with this one! Your solo career may need all the luck it can get!

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Amy Studt is back!!

Much to my surprise, I found out via LastFM that UK singer Amy Studt is back with a new label and a new single, come this December. Amy Studt used to be on the Polydor label and had some success with two singles, "Just A Little Girl" and "Misfit." Originally pegged as UK's answer to Avril Lavigne, further singles proved to be less successful on the charts and she was dropped from her label.

Now however it appears that she has been signed to 19 Recordings and is releasing a new single, "Furniture" on December 3rd. You can hear a clip on her official site ( I was a fan of Studt's first album, "False Smiles" and am ecstatic that she's back.

- EDIT - Apparently I've included some errors on this posting, brought to my attention on LASTFM. Polydor Records is a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. According to my copy of Amy Studt's album, there's a logo for Polydor AND 19 Recordings. I guess Wikipedia is not a reliable resource. I knew that but I always wind up going back there for music information. Perhaps that's not such a smart idea. Wikipedia says that Amy Studt was dropped from Polydor and is now signed with 19. It appears that she's still with 19...maybe she never left? I don't understand. Perhaps someone can explain this to me. ALSO, according to the source on LASTFM none of Amy's singles performed strongly in the UK and that she in fact came before Avril Lavigne. Also, turns out that Just A Little Girl was released as a single in the U.S. Interesting fact...apparently the single was also used in television spots promoting the final season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Anyway, any Polydor vs. 19 insight someone can provide would be helpful :-) Sorry for this misinformation!

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