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Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Sonically Exquisite' New Cut Copy Album Coming in February

Cut Copy is electro pop at it's best. Not convinced? Listen to their new single "Take Me Over." It's got just the right amount of retro mixed with modern electro beats. Off the bands' forthcoming third album, Zonoscope, "Take Me Over" was released on November 23rd via Modular Recordings. The new album came about "in the comedown" of the Australian trio's last release, In Ghost Colours, an album that "cemented Cut Copy as a global sensation." The new album was recorded over a 6 month period back in Melbourne before being mixed in Atlanta by Ben H. Allen (who's worked with the likes of Animal Collective and Gnarls Barkley). Zonoscope is due to be released on February 4th in Australia, February 7th in the UK/Europe and February 8th in the U.S. and Canada

"Zonoscope is Cut Copy boiled down to their purest form, a suite of futuristic visions built upon primal rhythm tracks. It is at once their most immediate work to date but also their most sonically exquisite."  Sounds like a thing of beauty! Download "Take Me Over" on iTunes HERE.  Cut Copy is Dan Whitford, Tim Hoey and Mitchell Dean Scott. Get excited guys!

Check out Cut Copy on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Tina Cousins - Sex On Fire

I know this update isn't so current but I don't care. It's been in my "to-do queue" for a while now and I still love it just as much as I did when it first came out. It's UK club queen Tina Cousins' take on the Kings of Leon hit "Sex On Fire."  Sure, it's a little bit Euro Trash in parts but it's still a great dance refix of a great rock song!  The original version by U.S. rock outfit Kings of Leon went #1 in the UK, Ireland, Australia and Finland.  While it only managed to peak at #56 on the Billboard Hot 100, it did make it to #1 on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart.  The Tina Cousins version was remixed by the Sonic Palms, Topham & Twiggster, Clubstar and Fugitive back in 2009 when it first surfaced on a CD Promo released to the clubs via indie UK dance label All Around The World Records.  Back in early October, Cousins announced via her official website that she had just signed a new record deal with Sony Music International and that her first single would be the Kings of Leon cover, due in November.  Well - it's December now and still no Tina Cousins single. Hopefully there are still plans for a release because this version of the song is hot!  Check out the STEAMY video below, but be's pretty graphic.

Check out Tina Cousins on the web:

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Patrick Wolf to Release New Single on Monday, New Album Due in May

Quirky and flamboyant (not to mention mega-talented) UK singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf has always been an artist that I've respected and admired. He's never been one to keep his mouth shut, choosing instead to be blunt and honest in every way. Written and produced by the 27 year old Wolf, "Time Of My Life" is the first single taken from his forthcoming fifth studio album, due out in May. I first became aware of Wolf around the time of The Magic Position and was THRILLED at the chance to see him live (up close & personal) when he opened for Amy Winehouse in Boston a couple of years back. Quirky doesn't even begin to describe his stage show. If I remember correctly Wolf was decked out in some crazy tight red leather pants, prancing about the stage at, what was formerly Avalon. His performance was definitely not everyone's cup of tea but WOW could that boy put on a show.

His haunting new single, out December 6th on a very limited edition 7" vinyl pressing, is filled with an appropriate amount of drama, thanks to a lovely strings section and of course . The song has a very 80s feel to it, very reminiscent of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game".  Admittedly, I wasn't quite sure what to expect prior to hearing the single, given Wolf's penchant for inconsistency but I have to admit I am liking this quite a bit. "Time Of My Life" will be Wolf's first release on Hideout Recordings, a new offshoot of Mercury/Universal Records.  UK fans can catch Wolf playing two shows on December 5th at Cardiff Club lfor Bach and on December 6th at Guildford Boileroom.  Following the release of his single, Wolf will also play a show on December 7th at London's Bloomsbury Ballroom, showcasing new material and old favorites spanning his previous four albums.  We can expect a second single sometime in March, followed by the (as yet untitled) album in May. The "Time Of My Life" vinyl also includes a B-Side cover of Leonard Cohen's "Anthem."  Check out the lyric video for "Time Of My Life."

Check out Patrick Wolf on the web:

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