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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amy Studt Cancels Trip/Move to the USA & Stays in the UK

Boo. I'm a little bummed to hear that UK singer, Amy Studt, will be staying in the UK. Back in July Amy blogged about plans to move to New York, after a successful stay in the Big Apple this past year. Well...plans have seemingly changed. According to Amy's last blog on August 19th, she's staying across the pond for the time being.

Photo by Andy Fallon via MySpace

Studt blogs about moving to a house in the country, setting up her own studio and do some writing. According to Studt via the blog, "I decided it was best to stay in the UK and work on what I have here for the time being but I will still be aiming to move to the US in the future, it was AMAZING."

Totally understandable. Come on over to the states when you're ready Amy. I'm still hoping to catch a gig of yours one day.

Check out Amy Studt on the web:

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To Rock or Not To Rock: Should I Go To the Perez Hilton Presents Tour 2009?

ARG. No money! Too many other expenses. As a self diagnosed "Fool_4_Music" I love going to see a live gig WHENEVER I can. Just saw the Noisettes, going to see Kylie Minogue in October, Ray LaMontagne and Girl Talk in November...

Perez Hilton Presents Tour Lineup My predicament is DO I GO and see the Perez Hilton Presents Tour 2009? I'm very tempted. Performing at the House of Blues in Boston on September 14th we have: Ladyhawke, Ida Maria, Semi Precious Weapons and (my favorite) Frankmusik. Missing from the lineup that night? Sliimy, Eric Hutchinson and Julian Perretta. I feel like these artists are all part of that NEXT BIG THING wave of bands from Europe crossing over here. Now is my chance to see them, right? Before they all blow up or fizzle away back to Europe? Tickets are only $27.00 each ($24.00 each if I get a four pack). Anyone in Boston want to go with me? That's a lot of music for $27.00 + $10 - $12 in service fees! Let me know!

The tour kicks things off in Atlanta on September 10th, 2009. Check out the list of tour dates and buy your tickets HERE!

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HOT SONG ALERT: The Fray - Heartless

The Fray - Heartless
I know I'm a bit late here...but this version of the song is so...pretty. I love it! I quite enjoy The Fray, and I quite enjoy the original Kanye West version. "Heartless" is quite the cover-worthy song apparently - Kris Allen did it on Idol as well (which I also loved).
Check out The Fray on the web:

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Calvin Harris & The HUMANTHESIZER

Calvin Harris - Ready For The WeekendI heart the new Calvin Harris single, "Ready For The Weekend." With guest vocals by the brilliant Mary Pearce, a cool video, sweet single could the second single off of Calvin Harris's new album get any better? Enter the HUMANTHESIZER. Harris teamed up with Sony Music UK and Bare Conductive Body Ink to create this AWESOME live performance of the new single with the world's first human synthesizer. This special paint basically makes the models in this video the instruments. Very cool! Check it out HERE! - Via engadget

Jake Shears, Calvin Harris and Kylie MinogueAlso worth noting...Calvin Harris tweeted today, a picture of him, Jake Shears (of the Scissor Sisters) and Kylie Minogue in the studio together. HOT. Can't wait to hear what they are coming up with. ALSO can't wait to see Kylie in a little over 1 month! So exciting!

Check out Calvin Harris on the web:

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Album Artwork Update

AHHH. More album artwork. Yay! Ironically enough, I just removed all of the artwork from my iPod as I needed to free up some space. Most of the artwork from this update comes to us from Coverlandia. The Bublé artwork comes directly from the artist's website, while other artwork comes to me from Cover-Mania. Enjoy!

Michael Buble - Crazy Love
Yummy. Michael Bublé's new album artwork has been unveiled and I love it. A nice pop of color. While the whole emergency tape artwork has been done before a few times, I love how it's framing his face. Who am I kidding, I am just looking for an excuse to drool over this guy...AND I'm excited that Mr. Bublé is releasing new material! The album, Crazy Love, comes out October 13th, preceded by lead single, "Haven't Met You Yet"out August 31st. Delicious.

Space Cowboy - Digital Rock Star
This is the album artwork for French DJ, Producer & Singer Space Cowboy's (AKA Nick Dresti) brand new album, Digital Rock Star. Prior to hearing his recent RedOne-produced single, "Falling Down," which features guest vocals courtesy of Paradiso Girl Chelsea Korka - I wasn't aware that Space Cowboy had previous solo albums out. I quite enjoy the single (a remix EP was released on iTunes today) and I enjoy his I'm excited about this release.

Pixie Lott - Boys and GirlsI blogged about the video for this song a little ways back and still love the song. I'm excited that Pixie Lott has herself a U.S. record deal. I hope and pray that we see some of here on this side of the pond. "Boys and Girls" is a catchy tune, and I'm loving the remix promo, which I purchased on Ebay - featuring remixes by Moto Blanco, Hot Pink Delorean and Fuzzy Logic.

Mya - Show Me Somethin'This artwork is looking super cheesy. Mya looks like some sort of reality star hoochie, and the couch pattern isn't helping. This is the first single off her upcoming fall release, Beauty & The Streets Mixtape Volume 1. Featuring a guest appearance by Houston-based rapper Bun B, I haven't had the pleasure of listening to the track. I have liked some of Mya's past singles and there's no denying the girl's got talent...I'm just questioning everything about her styling in this artwork. The single is due to be released soon.

Katharine McPhee - Had It AllFinale night of American Idol Season 5 had one good outcome: Katharine McPhee. While she lost out to Taylor Hicks, McPhee emerged as the true talent. Her range and vocal strength impressed me and got me to call in, night after night. When she lost to Hicks, I was none too happy. Then she released her self-titled album. I wasn't much happier. I don't know how much creative control McPhee had over her album and how much RCA had...but the album was very empty for me. None of the songs connected with me. Everything sounded forced and contrived. I enjoyed the singles - "Over It" and "Love Story" (particularly the latter) but it was nothing new - nothing ground breaking.

When McPhee parted ways with her label and joined the Verve family- I was elated. "Had It All" is the debut single off of her upcoming second album, Unbroken (October 6, 2009). When I saw it for sale on iTunes, I snatched it right up. Not too bad. Written by David Hodges, Mitch Allan and Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, the song isn't what I expected. When I think Verve, I think of the jazz greats - Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday and the like. This song is more poppy than I thought it would be...but more adult contemporary than her previous efforts. It's growing on me and I think she looks gorgeous with her new blond bob.

Jessica Mauboy - Up Down"Up/Down" is the fifth single off of Australian singer, Jessica Mauboy's Platinum-selling debut solo album - Been Waiting. The album was recently re-released down under as a special "Deluxe Edition," complete with bonus tracks (including a Jason Nevins remix of "Burn") and a DVD with videos. All four of Mauboy's previous singles ("Running Back," "Burn," "Been Waiting," & "Because") have hit inside the Top 20 on the ARIA single charts (#3, #1, #12 & #9) while the album debuted at #16 on the ARIA album chart. Not too shabby for a 21 year old singer.

After she placed 2nd on the fourth season of Australian Idol, Mauboy released a live album and joined the Aussie girl group Young Divas (featuring other Australian Idol finalists Paulini Curuenavuli, Ricki-Lee, Kate DeAraugo and Emily Williams). After one album with the girls, Mauboy quit to focus on a solo career. According to an interview this past January, Mauboy was planning a trip to New York City, after having performed a showcase in front of Sony International big deals. It's coming upon a year since that meeting and no peep from Jessica here in the states. I wonder if that's still happening? I'd love to see Mauboy hit the states. She's a talented singer with the kind of sound that would really work well on U.S. radio.

Vita - Like Boom
I honestly don't know much about Vita but I want to know more! From what I've heard of her debut single, "Like Boom," it's hot and her single artwork is supporting that hot factor TOTALLY and completely. According to her MySpace music profile, her name is Vita Chambers and she hails from Barbados (like Rihanna!) and she was discovered after posting videos of herself singing on the web. Currently signed to SRP/Universal Motown, the single is set to be released soon, followed by her album, slated for release sometime this fall. I'm definitely ready to be re-VITA-lized, for sure!

Annie - Songs Remind Me Of You"Songs Remind Me Of You" is serving as the official lead single off of Norwegian pop star Annie's long-awaited Don't Stop album. The track was written by Annie, Richard X and Hannah Robinson and is certainly quite catchy. It's considerably dancier than anything else she's done. Popjustice has called the song "amazing," while MuuMuse described it as a mixture of "lush disco, breathy vocals, and intergalactic swarms of electronica." This all sounds good to me. Can't wait to see what remixes are churned out for this club slammer. Get it on iTunes now.

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