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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Most Anticipated Summer Albums

Here it goes, my most anticipated albums of the next couple of months. If there's an album that I've missed or if you have a suggestion, feel free to leave me a comment! I'm always up for hearing new music.

Dan Merriweather
Daniel Merriweather - Love & War (June 1st)
Aussie pop star Daniel Merriweather is poised to release his second solo album (the first of which was never released) on June 1st in the UK. The record contains the UK top 10 hit "Change," as well as his current single, "Red." I first heard Merriweather's vocals on Mark Ronson's fabulous "Stop Me," followed by an appearance on Wiley's single "Cash In My Pocket." I'm glad he's now in the spotlight, as he truly has a fantastic voice and he's super cute to boot.

Check out Daniel Merriweather on the web: Official Site/MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/Bebo/YouTube

Little Boots
Little Boots – Hands (June 8th)
British electropop artist Little Boots releases her debut album on June 8th. I first heard her on a remix of her first single "Meddle" and was instantly intrigued. I then heard her doing an acoustic version of Kid Cudi's "Day 'N' Nite." Brilliant. Her new single "New In Town" is equally amazing, as is the Fred Falke remix. Written in LA with Greg Kurstin and Joe Goddard I'm still hoping this one gets a U.S. release. U.S. TV host Carson Daly did an entire show dedicated to her and she made an appearance at the prestigious SXSW festival in Texas, so hopefully this is a good sign for us U.S. fans.

Check out Little Boots on the web: Official Site/MySpace/Facebook/YouTube/Twitter

Black Eyed Peas
Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies) (June 9th)
I've never been a huge Black Eyed Peas fan, in fact I never really listened to them before Fergie joined the group. Their upcoming album, released Stateside on June 9th (June 8th in the UK) appears to be right up my alley. The electro-infused hip hop beats that make up first single "Boom Boom Pow" marks a new direction for the band. I don't know how die hard fans of the Peas like the new sound, but to me, it's a sound that's very fresh and Euro. Follow up single " I Gotta Feelin'" produced by David Guetta sounds a little bit too pop for my liking, while digital only release "Imma Bee" follow more closely in style to "Boom Boom Pow." "Alive" will be released as another digital-only single on May 26th. We'll see what the E.N.D. result will be. I'm optimistic.

Check out the Black Eyed Peas on the web: Official Site/MySpace/Facebook/ILike

Gossip Gossip - Music For Men (June 23rd)
This marks the major label debut for the U.S. Indie Rock group Gossip. The group's fourth album comes out in the UK on June 22nd and the next day in the U.S. While they've traditionally had more success in the UK, with some proper promotion, they could do well in the U.S. Backed by a strong gay following, the groups most popular single, "Standing In The Way of Control" was all about gay marriage. On my last trip to the UK I picked up the album of the same name as well as an EP of dance remixes from that album. Good stuff. "Heavy Cross" is the first single off this new album, available on iTunes now.

Check out Gossip on the web: Official Site/MySpace/YouTube

Regina Spektor
Regina Spektor – Far (June 23rd)
I admittedly only recently joined the Regina Spektor fanclub, namely after her song "Fidelity" became well known here in the states and "On The Radio" appeared on an episode of "Grey's Anatomy." Since then, I purchased her last album Begin To Hope and as a result, have 2 new favorite tracks - "Samson," & "Better." I'm sad that her new album hasn't really received much in the way of promotion as of yet. New single "Laugh With" barely hit iTunes with a whisper and the album is coming out next month! Her new music sounds very similar to songs on her last album, so chances are I'm going to love this new one as well.

Check out Regina Spektor on the web: Official Site/MySpace/YouTube

La Roux
La Roux – La Roux (June 29th)
La Roux is the next big thing to come out of the UK. This electropop duo is made up of singer Elly Jackson and producer/co-writer Ben Langmaid. With a sound heavily influenced by by 1980s synth pop including Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Yazoo and Prince, La Roux brings a distinctive style to their music and I expect big things from their debut album on Polydor. So far two singles have been released, "Quicksand" and "In For The Kill" which peaked on the UK charts at number 2. Third single, "Bulletproof" is released on June 15th.

Check out La Roux on the web: Official Site/MySpace/Facebook/YouTube

Dan Black
Dan Black – ((Un)) (July 6th)
Formerly part of English alternative band, The Servant, Dan Black is now a solo entity since the band split up in 2007. Black now is set to release his solo debut, ((Un)) on July 6th in the UK. The first single, "Yours" was released in fall of 2008, while follow up single "Alone" came out this past March. According to a blog post, Black was all set to film the video to his brilliant third single, "Hypnotz" (a loose cover of "Hypnotz" by the late, great Notorious B.I.G. before it was all nixed due to legal issues. Apparently, Biggie's estate wasn't allowing anyone to use Biggie's lyrics. Instead, Black wrote a new song "Symphonies" which will serve as the new single, out on June 29th. This is disappointing to me, as I loved "Hypnotz" so much. We will move forward somehow and Dan Black's album will still no doubt be brilliant.

Check out Dan Black on the web: Official Site/MySpace/YouTube/Twitter

Frankmusik Frankmusik - Complete Me (July 13th)
Yet another UK electropop artist for me to love - Frankmusik releases his hotly anticipated debut album on July 13th in the UK. Previously having opened for such acts as Sam Sparro and Keane and the upcoming Pet Shop Boys tour - Frankmusik is ready to explode onto the scene. Both a remixer and a writer, he's completed remixes for Alphabeat, Pet Shop Boys and Mika. He's also working with Holly Valance. His next single, "Confusion Girl" looks to be a hot one just as previous singles "3 Little Words" and "Better Off As Two" were.

Check out Frankmusik on the web: Official Site/MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube

VV Brown VV Brown - Travelling Like The Light (July 20th)
I'm so excited for this album, I can hardly contain myself! Everything about VV Brown is just so infectious! Her voice, her sense of style, her pure talent - everything! I wish this album was coming out now! From promotional single "Crying Blood," to her first official release "Leave!" and upcoming single "Shark In The Water" - everything this lady puts out is pure genius. Her music has a little bit of everything - soul, rock, pop, electronica - it's the perfect mix!

Check out VV Brown on the web: Official Site/Blog/Facebook/Bebo/YouTube/Twitter

Jordin SparksJordin Sparks – Battlefield (July 21st)
This American Idol knows how to churn out the hits, as evidenced by all three singles off her last album hitting the top 20 on Billboard's Pop and Hot 100 charts. Her new single co-written by OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder is already doing well on the digital charts and is officially released to radio this week. Sparks just announced via Twitter that the album will be released on July 21st and that the video for "Battlefield" is near completion. Her new album features contributions from hitmakers like Stargate, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Claude Kelly, Lucas Secon, Toby Gad, and Jesse McCartney. This album is going to be epic!

Check out Jordin Sparks on the web: Official Site/MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube

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