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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dido Announces Pregnancy, Florence Welsh To Sing 'If I Rise' at Oscars

Congratulations are in order for British singer/songwriter Dido, who announced today via her official website the big news that she's pregnant! Such wonderful news! Dido also officially confirmed that she will NOT be appearing at this year's Oscars ceremony, where her song with A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire), "If I Rise" is nominated for 'Best Original Song' for it's appearance in the Danny Boyle film 127 Hours. Check out a bit of the song in a movie trailer for the film BELOW. While it's sad that Dido won't be performing the song live, she did have some exciting news about who will be singing it in her place.
"Obviously I’m really gutted about not being there – going to the Oscars has literally been a dream of mine since I was about 9 - but I’m absolutely thrilled that the wonderful Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine) has agreed to step in and sing the song. I can’t wait to hear her sing it as I’m a huge fan of hers and she’ll sound amazing. I will definitely be watching the whole thing live on TV and texting Rollo (Dido's brother and frequent producer) who is going to be at the ceremony." {SOURCE}
Um...did she just say Florence Welsh would be at the Oscars this year? SOLD! I'm already looking forward to seeing what Welsh will wear for the performance. As if this wasn't exciting enough, Dido also mentioned in her blog that she and A.R. Rahman would be filming a video for "If I Rise" next week, so it appears that the song might be an official single at some point? Make sure you watch the Oscar ceremony on February 27th to catch Florence Welsh performing "If I Rise" and to see if Dido's song takes the prize.  Download "If I Rise" on U.S. iTunes HERE.

While the Oscar-nod is exciting at all, I was hoping Dido would shed some light on her fourth album and follow up to 2008's Safe Trip Home.  The last new music we heard from Dido was her Sex and The City 2 contribution, "Everything To Lose," which came out back in September. Back at the end of January, Dido updated fans on her blog regarding the status of the new record, and there's good news!
"The new album should be finished soon. Very excited about it. We've had a lot of fun doing it. I've done a lot of stuff with Rollo here in the UK and then I spent some time in California over the summer and wrote a load of songs there with a different flavour that I love. Driving round California is about the most inspiring thing for me I think. I got to work with some great people there too - Jeff Bhasker, Greg Kurstin, Rick Nowels again. Happy days." {SOURCE}
Greg Kurstin? Awesome! Looking forward to this. I'm also hoping that Dido's continuing to experiment more with an electronic sound, as she previously hinted back in 2009. I'd love to have a record as amazing as No Angel, which is still one of my Top Ten pop records of all time. So, to wrap up...again, a hearty congratulations to Dido. May 2011 bring you (and your fans) lots of joy.

Check out Dido on the web:

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And the Clips Keep Getting Longer, Britney Spears Unveils 3rd Teaser

Now we're almost at 10 seconds! Brilliant. Britney Spears unveiled the latest teaser today for the Jonas Åkerlund-directed "Hold It Against Me" video, which is set to premiere a week from this Friday on February 18th. The latest clip appears to be some sort of a multi-screen montage sequence featuring some of Britney's past videos. Very cool. I'm guessing this is from the beginning of the video maybe? What better way to set up a NEW video then to introduce clips from all of her past videos.  Now, I'm going to have to go and dig out my Britney Spears - Greatest Hits - My Prerogative DVD and re-watch some of the classics. Why don't you go download "Hold It Against Me" on iTunes HERE. Britney's 7th album, Femme Fatale is due out in March on Jive.

Check out Britney Spears on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Raph Solo - Rich In My Heart (The Big Money Mix)

Well this sounds like a future big gay club anthem if I've ever heard one. Raph Solo (AKA Raphael Solomon) delivers in a big way on his new single, "Rich In My Heart," "a heart wrenching song about pride and poverty." The video is really interesting, featuring Solo as a sort of Robin Hood-like character in the Middle East, giving his money to the poor. I definitely need to watch the original version of the video rather than the remix version because, while there's clearly a message here, all I want to do is dance!

Newly signed to indie label, Angel King Musique, "Rich In My Heart" is Solomon's first single released through the label. Previous releases, "Beautiful Dancer" and "I Miss You" were both independently funded and distributed. Solomon financed the studio time by working as a bartender, security guard and as a male model but clearly music was his passion, although he is absolutely gorgeous and could probably go back to modeling. Just see ABOVE single artwork if you are in doubt.

On the remix we have Solo, an Angel King signee, delivering on a funky string and guitar mix (Big Money Mixes) as well as the Rich Mix. Additionally we have The Club Junkies who are fast establishing themselves as a go-to dance remix outfit in their native UK AND who have remixed Solomon's first two singles. Finally, we have NYC-based DJ Giuseppe D. who has fashioned a fantastic house mix (Electro Rock Mixes). Quite the package! Check out the video for the original version of the song HERE and watch the Big Money Remix video below. Summer-in-the-middle-of-winter dance anthem anyone?

Track listing:

1. Rich In My Heart (Big Money Radio Edit)
2. Rich In My Heart (Big Money Extended Mix)
3. Rich In My Heart (Club Junkies Radio Edit)
4. Rich In My Heart (Club Junkies Extended)
5. Rich In My Heart (Electro Rock Radio Edit)
6. Rich In My Heart (Electro Rock Extended Mix)
7. Rich In My Heart (Original Mix)
8. Rich In My Heart (The Big Money Reprise)

Check Out Raph Solo on the web:

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Dave Audé, DJ Tiësto, Benny Benassi and More Remix New Katy Perry Single

Woohoo! The final line up of remixes is in for Katy Perry's new Dr. Luke, Ammo and Max Martin-produced single, "E.T." Last week I brought you a fierce new remix from Suneil S and mentioned that there were mixes by Manhattan Clique, Dave Audé and DJ Tiësto. Well in addition to those 3 bangers we also have mixes from Italian DJ/Remixer Benny Benassi and Dutch electro-trio Noisia. Now that's what I call a SOLID remix package. Check out the tracklisting below for the forthcoming UK promo. "E.T." is due out in the UK on February 28th and in the U.S. on March 1st.

"E.T." is single the 4th official single to be lifted off of Perry's sophomore album, Teenage Dream.  Perry's three previous singles, "California Gurls," "Teenage Dream" and "Firework" all went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and at #1, #2, and #3 respectively on the Official UK Singles Charts.  Will single #4 achieve the same success? What do you think?


1. E.T. (Dave Audé Mixshow)
2. E.T. (Benny Benassi Club Mix)
3. E.T. (Tiësto Remix)
4. E.T. (Manhattan Clique Paradise Remix)
5. E.T. (Dave Audé Club Mix)
6. E.T. (Noisia DJ Vocal Edit)
7. E.T. (Manhattan Clique Dreamland Vox Dub)
8. E.T. (Dave Audé Radio Edit)
9. E.T. (Benny Benassi Radio Edit)
10. E.T. (Tiësto Radio Edit)
11. E.T. (Album Version)

Check out Katy Perry on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Travis Garland - Everything Right Now

Anyone who appreciates the beauty of the naked male physique NEEDS to see Travis Garland's new music video. The song is called "Everything Right Now" and it's available on Garland's free mixtape, Last Man Standing, which you can download on his official website.  The Akili Shine/Joel Stanton-directed video plays out like a miniature James Bond film, complete with a femme fatale, a murderous  doppleganger and some very fast cars.  The RADIO-produced track is a slick, mid-tempo pop/R&B number that suits Garland's Justin Timberlake-style vocals perfectly.  Definitely worth a listen, as are the rest of the tracks on his FREE MIXTAPE. Get your copy HERE.

Not sure what the status is with Garland's forthcoming debut album OR whether or not he's still signed to Geffen/Interscope but the boy's got talent and needs to get some recognition as a solo artist.  Garland first graced the pop spotlight as the lead vocalist of the boyband NLT (2003 - 2009) where he along with Kevin McHale, JJ Thorne, and V Sevan put out four singles but never dropped an album.  While McHale went on to have success playing Artie on Glee, Garland went back to the studio to mold his own pop career.  He performed his first single, the Danja-produced "Believe" on American Idol in May of last year which was the last we heard of him until now.  While I'm hoping that the release of this mixtape means we can expect some new tunes soon,  I have a sneaking suspicion that Travis Garland is trying to keep his fans happy while his label sorts shit out - just like friend and label-mate JoJo before him, who also released a mixtape (Garland even features on one of JoJo's mixtape songs). In any case, this super hot video is enough to keep me occupied until we get some new music from Travis.

Check out Travis Garland on the web:

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Adam Lambert Releasing 'Aftermath' as a 'Pop Dance Anthem,' Proceeds go to Charity

Adam Lambert announced on Twitter last week that he'd be releasing a new and improved version of the song, "Aftermath," which appears on his debut album, For Your Entertainment. The power-ballad was produced by Howard Benson (Hoobastank, Daughtry) and written by Lambert, Alisan Porter, Ferras and Ely Rise. According to Lambert:
@adamlambert: Exciting news: Releasing a revamped version of AFTERMATH. Proceeds to benefit The Trevor Project. Wait till you hear it- it's now a hot pop dance anthem. No set release date...Putting finishing touches on the track. Stay tuned...
I like the sounds of this! A "hot pop dance anthem?" Yes please! I also like that Lambert is donating the proceeds to The Trevor Project, a national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. As an openly gay artist it's important for Lambert to take stands like this. Glad to see he's doing his part. Looking forward to hearing what this new version of "Aftermath" sounds like. In the meantime, check out this live, acoustic version (BELOW) taken from Acoustic Live!, released this past December. Get your copy on iTunes HERE.

Check out Adam Lambert on the web:

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Mike Posner Unveils New Single Artwork

Ever since Mike Posner put up the new SINGLE version of "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" on YouTube this past Tuesday, I can't get it out of my mind! While I would have been fine if the album version was released as the single, the newly recorded Lil Wayne rap is a fine addition to an already ace single. Initially, in my album review, I was up in the air about "Bow Chicka Wow Wow," now...I'm completely sold.

Due out on February 8th, the Smeezingtons-produced "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" will be the third single off of Posner's debut 31 Minutes To Takeoff. Posner's break out single, "Cooler Than Me" peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #5 on the Official UK Singles Chart. Posner's follow up, "Please Don't Go" was slightly less successful, only managing to peak at #16. "Please Don't Go" will be released as Posner's second single in the UK on March 13th with remixes from Boson and Kat Krazy. Look out for a music video featuring Posner and Lil Wayne coming soon.  Listen to the new single version of the single below.

Check out Mike Posner on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Kate Alexa - Infatuation

22-year old singer/songwriter Kate Alexa from Melbourne, Australia is someone you need to know about. Although she's been doing her thing since the age of 16, it's only now that's she's getting some international attention and deservedly so I might add. Her first hit single, "Always There" was used in a TV show called Home & Away, whisking Alexa into the Top 20 on the ARIA Singles chart. Alexa has released one album and one soundtrack album so far in her career. Her most successful single to date, "All I Hear," peaked at #9 on the Singles chart.

Working on her second album, A Little Bit, since 2008, Alexa is finally ready to unleash new music on the world, with "Infatuation" set to be the first single in the UK. Traveling all over the world, Alexa's worked with top music makers in both Los Angeles and in the UK. Her forthcoming sophomore album was produced by Tom Nichols (Kylie Minogue, All Saints, Sugababes) and contains some "undeniable smash hits," all the while maintaining a certain sense of "maturity, spunk and experience." "Infatuation" is an energetic, quirky pop ditty that seems to fit Alexa's fun-loving personality perfect and the video complements the song absolutely perfectly, right down to the animated tattoos coming to live on Alexa's arms. I love everything about this girl!

As if the original version (co-written by Alexa, Tom Nichols, Future Cut) of the song could get any better, then I had to go and learn about the INTENSELY amazing remix package be serviced to clubs in the UK. "Infatuation" has been remixed by WAWA, Almighty and Ultrabeat. Looks like clubland is eating up her brand of club delight, as the song debuted on the commercial pop UK club charts at #28 and moves up to #19 this week.  Bloody brilliant! Already serviced to Australian media, the single will be released in Australia through Liberation Music on February 15th.

Track listing:

1. Infatuation (WAWA Club Mix)
2. Infatuation (Almighty Club Mix)
3. Infatuation (Ultrabeat Extended)
4. Infatuation (Ultrabeat Instrumental)
5. Infatuation (WAWA Radio Edit)
6. Infatuation (Almighty Radio Edit)
7. Infatuation (Ultrabeat Radio Edit)
8. Infatuation (Original)

Check out Kate Alexa on the web:

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Filthy Dukes, Ade Fenton & The Hackz Remix New Slash/Fergie Single

"Beautiful Dangerous" is the fourth single released off of (former Guns N' Roses/Current Velvet Revolver guitarist) Slash's debut self titled solo album, released on EMI/Roadrunner. The song surprisingly works for me, despite the whole ROCK sound not typically being my style. I think Slash's SICK skills on the guitar mesh well with Fergie's WAIL. What a powerhouse couple!

"Beautiful Dangerous" managed to just miss the Top 10 on Billboard's Heatseekers Songs chart before it was even released as a single, also peaking at #58 on the Canadian Hot 100 chart.  Produced by Eric Valentine and BigChris Flores the song follows singles "Back From Cali," "By The Sword" and "Sahara." When "Beautiful Dangerous" comes out in the UK on February 27th, we have remixes to look forward to from London-based synthpop band Filthy Dukes, DJ/producer Ade Fenton and Belgian producers/remixers The Hackz.  I can't find any of these mixes online yet but I'm interested to hear what kind of sound they bring to the single. I'm a big fan of ROCK song remixes so this should be good.  Check out the video for the album version of the song BELOW.

Slash feat. Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous (The Hackz Mix)
Slash feat. Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous (Filthy Dukes Mix)
Slash feat. Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous (Ade Fenton Mix)

Check out Slash on the web:

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American Idol Celebrates 10 Years with a 'Hits' Compilation

Wow. It's hard to believe American Idol's been on the air for nearly 10 years. To commemorate the first 10 years of Idol, 19 Recordings and RCA Records are releasing a new compilation for fans of the show to drool over. American Idol 10th Anniversary - The Hits: Volume 1 features hits from Kelly Clarskon, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, Daughtry, David Cook, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Lee Dewyze. While there are some notable artists missing from the bunch (i.e. David Archuleta, Katharine McPhee) this is only Volume 1. Presumably there'll be a volume 2?

Due for release on March 15th, the 12-track album features such hits as "Since U Been Gone" (Kelly Clarkson), "Before He Cheats" (Carrie Underwood) and "No Air" (Jordin Sparks). American Idol is currently in the midst of it's 10th season which kicked off last month. It makes sense that RCA is releasing a compilation right now, given the fact that Sony is no longer the label that Idol winners will be signed to. The torch has since been passed to Universal Music Group, who signed a distribution deal with American Idol show runners this past summer. Under the agreement, "Interscope Geffen A&M Records will distribute, promote and market albums from "Idol" finalists and winners" in 2011 and going forward {SOURCE}. As shocking as this might seem initially, I think it's a good move. This will give the Idol contestants a fresh pool of music to dive into, rather than recycling the same old songs season after season. I guess time will tell if this decision was a good one. Check out the tracklisting for American Idol 10th Anniversary - The Hits: Volume 1, BELOW.


1. Kelly Clarkson - “Since U Been Gone”
2. Ruben Studdard - “Superstar”
3. Clay Aiken - “Invisible”
4. Fantasia – “When I See U”
5. Carrie Underwood – “Before He Cheats”
6. Taylor Hicks – “Takin’ It To The Streets”
7. Daughtry – “Home”
8. Jordin Sparks (duet with Chris Brown) – “No Air”
9. David Cook – “Light On”
10. Kris Allen – “Live Like We’re Dying”
11. Adam Lambert – “Whataya Want From Me”
12. Lee DeWyze – “Sweet Serendipity”

Check out American Idol On The Web: Official Site

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