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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Wanted Set to Release Debut U.S. EP April 24th, New Single 'Chasing The Sun' Out Now

The Wanted Chasing The Sun

I've been championing UK boyband The Wanted here on Music Is My King Size Bed for nearly two years.  My first post was back in June of 2010 when I wrote up a "Hot Video Alert" promoting their debut UK single, "All Time Low." It's amazing to me that it's two years later and the boys are releasing hits here in the U.S.  I feel like a proud Papa!

Gearing up for the release of their debut self-titled U.S. EP, The Wanted have been releasing promotional singles ("Gold Forever," "Heart Vacancy" and "Lightning") on iTunes in the weeks leading up to the EP's release on this Tuesday, April 24th. Released April 17th, the latest single to be lifted from the EP is a banger called "Chasing The Sun," a previously unreleased track.  Co-written by English rapper Example and Alex Smith (Olly Murs), "Chasing The Sun" follows the band's successful electropop formula that gave them their international hit single, "Glad You Came."  Like "Glad You Came" before it, "Chasing The Sun" features a booty-shakin' bass line, lots of sexy synth action, a catchy hook and yes - tons of Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh's. This song is just beggin' to be a summer anthem!  "Chasing The Sun" will be sent to mainstream US radio on May 15th and is set to be released in the UK on May 21st.

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[Hot Video Alert] Emeli Sandé - My Kind Of Love

Emeli Sande My Kind of Love

While Emeli Sandé is busy taking over America, her fans in the UK are getting amped up for her the release of her fourth single, the sensational "My Kind Of Love," due May 7th via Virgin Records.  Written by Sandé, Emile Haynie (Kid Cudi, Tinie Tempah) and Danny Keyz (Dr. Dre, Eminem), with the latter two also serving as co-producers alongside Craze & Hoax (Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder), "My Kind Of Love" is another straight up stunner off Sandé's brilliant debut album, Our Version of Events.  

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[Review] American Idol's Stefano Langone Drops Debut Single

Stefano I'm on a Roll

When I heard back in January that American Idol (Season 10) contestant Stefano Langone had signed with Hollywood Records, I was over the moon!  During his season, Langone was easily one of my favorite men on the show, and while he was a frequent resident of the 'Bottom 3' corner, JLo backed him throughout.  In fact, Stefano was JLo's Wild Card pick, which saw him advance to the Top 13.  Now, nearly a year after his untimely 7th place elimination, Stefano Langone (just 'STEFANO' now) is set to release his debut single, "I'm On A Roll" featuring New Boyz & Rock Mafia, on April 24th followed by a live performance on the American Idol stage April 26th.

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[Review] Marcus Collins - Mercy

Marcus Collins Mercy

X-Factor Series 8 runner-up Marcus Collins is gearing up for the release of his second single, "Mercy," on June 3rd via RCA Records.  Taken from his self titled debut album, Collins co-wrote this soulful stunner with Lee McCutcheon (Westlife, Emma Bunton) and Lisa Greene (Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue).  The song serves as the follow up to Collins' top ten debut single, "Seven Nation Army," originally performed by The White Stripes.

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