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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coachella Reveals Line Up for 2011

OMG OMG OMG. Friday, April 15th and Sunday, April 17th - MUST GO TO COACHELLA! Wow. Look at this lineup (ABOVE). The California music festival recently unveiled the lineup for it's 2011 showcase and it features a whole slew of talent from across the pond. What's on my list? Well...for starters...

Friday, April 15th:
Robyn - The Chemical Brothers - Ms. Lauryn Hill - Brandon Flowers - Cee-Lo Green - Cut Copy - Sleigh Bells - Boys Noize - A-Trak - Kele - Marina and The Diamonds - Klaxons - Sander Kleinenberg - Skrillex - Breakage - Hurts - Clare Maguire

Sunday, April 17th:
Chromeo - Duck Sauce - Neon Trees - The Presets - Best Coast - CSS - Yelle - Tinie Tempah - Plan B - Riva Starr - Ellie Goulding - Eliza Doolittle

As for Saturdays gig, there are a few acts I wouldn't mind seeing - namely Mumford & Sons, Erykah Badu, Fedde Le Grand, Scissor Sisters, Laidback Luke, and Raphael Saadiq but Friday and Sunday is where it's at! I mean COME ON! Ellie Goulding AND Eliza Doolittle in one place?

Who do you want to see at Coachella this year?

Check out Coachella on the web:Official Site

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New Tinie Tempah Video Out Saturday, Debut U.S. Album Out In March

THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC! Tinie Tempah's NEXT single has been announced as the Ellie Goulding-assisted "Wonderman." According to Electroqueer, the single has a March 7th release date in the UK but the video is premiering this Saturday, January 22nd. "Wonderman" will be the fifth single lifted off of Tempah's debut album, Disc-Overy (DL Records Ltd./Parlophone), succeeding "Invincible" which features frequent David Guetta-collaborator Kelly Rowland (of Destiny's Child fame).  I wasn't such a fan of Rowland's contribution to the album but add Ellie Goulding to a track and you have be HOOKED!

Tempah has really blew up in his native UK last year! Two #1 singles ("Pass Out" & "Written In The Stars" with Eric Turner)? Two Top Five singles? ("Frisky" with Labrinth & "Miami 2 Ibiza" with Swedish House Mafia), oh and not to mention Disc-Overy went Platinum in the UK, with over 300,000 albums sold. DAMN!  Quite the year.

While, to date, "Invincible" has been Tempah's lowest charting single, peaking at #11, I don't think he has anything to worry about. Success seems to be following Tinie Tempah internationally, where single #3 "Written In The Stars" was certified Gold in both Australia AND New Zealand.  American fans, don't feel left out! Tinie Tempah's Disc-Overy album is set to make it's stateside debut on March 22nd via Capitol Records. While we're all waiting, be sure to check out this fierce little trailer for the forthcoming "Wonderman" video. I bet the remixes for this one are gonna be off the hook!  The single hasn't even officially been released yet and it's already charting on the Official UK Singles Chart at #45. I'll be back with more on the video this weekend after it premieres on Saturday. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the FANTASTIC Star Wars (?)-inspired artwork (above) and the trailer (below). Can't wait for "Wonderman!"

Check out Tinie Tempah on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Kimberly Caldwell - Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys

I'm loving Kimberly Caldwell's new single, "Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys," more and more with every listen and now, with the premiere of the video it's safe to say that the song is well on it's way to becoming one of my anthems this winter. The radio-friendly single was co-written by Tommy Henriksen, singer/songwriter BC Jean and Zac Maloy. The single is very reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson to me and not in a bad way. Caldwell's lower register is her strong-suit, vocally. Girl has got PIPES and boy does she deliver on this up-tempo Top-40 pop anthem.

Kimberly Caldwell is probably best known for her stint on Season Two of American Idol (Season 10 premieres tomorrow on Fox) but she's been keeping busy every since. "Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys" appears on Caldwell's debut album, Without Regret, due out April 19th on Vanguard/Capitol Records. The album also features Caldwell's first single, "Mess Of You." Without Regret is shaping up to be a solid debut, featuring production by Marshall Altman, Tommy Henriksen, John Mark and MachoPsycho. Assisting Caldwell on songwriting duty, we have a bevvy of talent including Kara DioGuardi, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, BC Jean, and Lucie Silvas to name a few - Caldwell herself co-writes on at least four of the album tracks! Impressive!

Get a special sneak preview of new tracks off the album over on, where Kimberly Caldwell is the latest Discover artist. Every day, will premiere a brand new acoustic performance from Caldwell recorded during her studio session - culminating with a video interview this Friday, January 22nd. Fans can download "Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys" on iTunes HERE and "Mess Of You" HERE. Remember, Without Regret is out April 19th. Get excited! Watch the sexy Lex Halaby-directed video below.

**EDIT** According to Pop In Stereo, we're going to be getting some hot mixes for the song too from the likes of Digital Dog, DJs From Mars, Jason Nevins and Lucky Date. Sounds AMAZING! Can't wait to get my hands on these.

Check out Kimberly Caldwell on the web:

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