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Thursday, March 26, 2009

R.I.P., Blender Magazine

Blender's Final Issue
Say it ain't so, Blender. So sad. According to reports, the current April issue with Kelly Clarkson on the cover, is the magazine's last. While I never had a subscription, this was my airport music magazine of choice! Goodbye, Blender. I'll miss you.


New Mandy Moore Interview & Album Snippets

Mandy Moore Music blogger, Arjanwrites just posted an interview he did recently with singer Mandy Moore. In the interview, Mandy reflects back on her music career and talks about her upcoming album, Amanda Leigh, due out May 26. You can listen to the nearly 20 minute interview over on

While checking for updates on Mandy's official website, you can listen to snippets of the entire album and I've got to say that I'm pleasantly surprised! Wild Hope was a really solid album and I have grown to love it. My only complaint was the lack of up-tempo tracks. I'm not looking for much, just a little something I can move to. This new record, from the sounds of it, has just what I'm craving from Ms. Moore!

Mandy Moore - Amanda Leigh
Merrimack River: A beautiful duet with Mike Viola (I think), her songwriting/producing partner on this album, Mandy's vocals sound better than ever. Light as air and crystal clear.

Fern Dell: One of a few up-tempo tracks on the record, the song is about "how first impressions can change and how they can really affect the world around you."

I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week: The official first single off of Amanda Leigh, ICBYHADOTW is another up-tempo jam, and it's an instant favorite! According to Mandy, the initial version of the song had a more alternative-country sound to it, but after adding in some clavinet, the song transformed into what it is today. If you pre-order her album on iTunes, you get the "living room demo" version of the song, which might be the original version?

Pocket Philosopher: Mandy describes the song as "light-hearted and goofy" and based on the clip, I agree! It's a sweet little gem of a song.

Song About Home: No hidden messages here...this song is about missing home. In her own words, "I couldn't reconcile how living alone in my own house didn't automatically equal that same sense of peace I felt when I was younger."

Everblue: This track is the only one of 6 or 7 tracks penned with singer/songwriter Lori McKenna (with whom Mandy collaborated heavily with on Wild Hope) that make the album. It's a sad song to an old love, where she's telling him that she sees "beyond the facade." Simply beautiful.

Love to Love Me Back: Written with Mike Viola and Inara George (of The Bird and The Bee), this track is yet another up-tempo track. Mandy calls this song "an instant driving force in shaping what the record turned out to be." Mandy further says that she was going for a Lindsay Buckingham/Fleetwood Mac feel.

Indian Summer: A beautiful ballad infused with piano and harpsichord, this is a standout track for me. At least based on the short clips I've heard. Stunning vocals.

Nothing Everything:The final up-tempo number on the album, this was the last song written, according to Mandy. It's about telling someone to move on because you know that they can do better.

Bug: Mandy wanted to close the record with a simple, acoustic number and "Bug" is it. Mandy describes the song as "very direct and personal." I can't wait to hear the full track, as the clip cuts off right before some interesting harmonies.

This sounds like a very worthy follow up to Wild Hope. Not known for her vocal prowess, Moore's vocals sound better than ever, soaring over the gorgeous instrumental arrangements. The album is chock-full of simple yet beautiful melodies and deeply personal, introspective lyrics. Look for it in stores on May 26th.

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