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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hot Video Alert: Maria Mena - Viktoria

Maria Mena Viktoria Single

Maria Mena is a Norwegian singer/songwriter who hasn't released any new music in America since 2004 when she debuted her first international album, White Turns Blue preceded by the infectiously adorable pop single "You're The Only One."  I happened to stumble upon a recent post on my favorite Scandinavian pop blog, and saw a post about Mena's most recent Norwegian single, "Viktoria." I hadn't heard the song before, I wasn't even aware that Mena had a recent album out - I just had to do a post for the sake of nostalgia.

"Viktoria" is the title track off of Maria Mena's fifth studio album (and Mena's middle name) and serves as the album's third official single.  A delicate mid-tempo ballad, "Viktoria" is a subtle, understated little singer/songwriter's tune that really showcases Mena's vocal talents.  It would have been easy for Mena to over-sing the entire way through the song, but instead, she chose to exhibit the perfect amount of restraint in the verses, which really allow the big, flourishing chorus to burst in like sunlight breaking through the clouds. Perfection. This song is like a little hidden gem.  The song starts out with just Maria's vocals and a dainty little piano, and ends with a sweeping orchestral arrangement that adds drama to an already beautiful piece of music. This song reminds me of why I fell in love with Mena back in 2004.

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Hot Video Alert: Will Young - Losing Myself

I'm not quite sure how I missed this one, but I had to do a post spotlighting Will Young's brilliant new single, "Losing Myself."  The song is the third single lifted off Young's fifth studio effort, Echoes, which was released last August via RCA/Sony Music.  The album peaked at #1 on the UK Albums Chart and spawned the stunning Top 5 hit single "Jealousy."  

"Losing Myself" was produced by Richard X, who served as the primary producer on all of Young's Echoes album. Co-written by Young and Pascal Gabriel, the single is yet another flaw-free cut taken from the album, and a follow up to "Come On," which featured a brilliantly beautiful video.  All three of Young's Echoes-era singles have featured STUNNING music videos and "Losing Myself," directed by Henry Schofield, is no exception.  Check out the video featuring Young and four attractive male dancers, as they dance (mostly) in sync to a cleverly choreographed routine set in a beautiful modern home.

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Olly Murs Set to Crack America, Opening for One Direction

Oh My Goodness! Olly Murs has confirmed that he is indeed the opening act for a good portion of One Direction's American tour this summer. This is FANTASTIC news and should provide Murs with some excellent exposure Stateside.  I'm sure American One Direction fans will just eat him alive, considering their fanbase here mainly consists of teenage girls and gay men (myself included in the latter demographic).

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