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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spin Spin Satellite: Portland-based Electro Duo Van Go Lion Releases New EP

I can't believe that it's been almost a year since my last Van Go Lion post? Well, now is as good a time as any to bring them back into your sights for the release of their new Body Moves EP (available on iTunes now).

First, a little refresher on the Portland-based duo. Van Go Lion is Amy Paige (vocals, lyrics) and Josh Loerzel (keys, music) and the music they make together is magical. The two met on Craigslist when Amy answered Josh's ad looking for a singer for his band. Bonding over a mutual love for 80s music, the two ultimately left the band and explored making their own 80s/90s-inspired music. Thank God for that!

New single, "Body Moves" is electro-pop at it's finest. Calling to mind some favorite dance classics from the 90s and early 2000s, "Body Moves" serves as the perfect re-introduction to the band, who's previous self-released EP came out last Spring. Written and produced by Van Go Lion, "Body Moves" was released April 5th via Ninthwave Records. The 4-track EP features 3 original songs and one fabulous "Body Moves" remix by Prince Vince. Generally, there's one stand out track on an EP but I can honestly say that EVERY SONG on the Body Moves EP is a pure joy to listen to and completely singleworthy.  The wait was absolutely worth it and I'm SO excited to share with you new Van Go Lion material.  Here's hoping we hear a lot more from these guys in 2011. Listen to "Body Moves" below and make sure you download the EP on iTunes HERE. You won't be sorry! Check out the Prince Vince remix HERE.
Check out Van Go Lion on the web:

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GAGA OOH LA LA! Lady Gaga Unveils 'Born This Way' Album Art and Releases New Single

By now you're all probably aware that both Lady Gaga's new single AND Born This Way album artwork have been released. Take a peek at the album artwork above and feel free to analyze away. Very literally, Gaga appears to be saying that she was born as a bad-ass motorcycle but we all know that's not actually what she's saying. There's meaning there (somewhere) and I look forward to hearing what that explanation is. In short, I think the cover is fun, It's a little bit rock & roll, a little bit glam, a lot...weird. Gaga has officially lost her mind.

What about "Judas," the Lady Gaga/RedOne-produced/written second single off of Born This Way? At first listen...I'm left confused. I like parts of it, I don't like parts of it. I can tell you this much though, it's better than "Born This Way." Maybe not lyrically (MuuMuse broke down some of the song's silly lyrics in his recent review) but musically? Absolutely.   Sure, it sounds dangerously close to past singles, "Bad Romance" in particular but it's still a good song.  I think it may get better with future listens, but for right now I'm willing to say that it's GOOD. Look out for the controversial music video to premiere soon. Directed by Gaga and choreographer Laurieann Gibson and co-starring actor Norman Reedus, Gaga reportedly appears as Mary Magdalene in the video, sparking criticism from at least one Catholic advocacy/civil rights organization.  Download "Judas" on iTunes HERE. Born This Way is due for release May 23rd via Interscope Records.
Check out Lady Gaga on the web:

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