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Friday, June 3, 2011

Joe Jonas Teases us with New Single Teaser: 'See No More' Due Out June 13th

As my regular readers know, I have no problem owning up to my guilty pleasures. Britney Spears? CHECK. Pop-star-era Mandy Moore? CHECK. Cascada? CHECK. One train I have not yet jumped on board with is the Jonas Brothers express and I am confident that things won't change.  What I CAN'T promise you is that I won't fall, head-over-heels in love with Joe Jonas.

I've been hearing rumors and bits about Joe Jonas' upcoming solo album for a while now, including word that he's going electropop for his new sound.  This is extremely exciting for me, as I just couldn't get into fellow Jonas Brother Nick Jonas' solo project, Nick Jonas and the Administration.  Electropop is my genre of choice and I am confident that Joe Jonas will do it well (and look super hot in the music videos).  First single, "See No More" was co-written and produced by Chris Brown and Brian Kennedy, the team responsible for Rihanna's #1 hit "Disturbia."  Sounds hot.

While the single isn't out until June 13th, Jonas has released a teaser which you can check out below.  The video features footage of Jonas from photo shoots and possibly video shoots.  He's lookin' as hot as ever and the short snippet of song sounds equally as steamy. The album is expected out on September 6th via Hollywood/Columbia Records and has been called everything from "European" and DJ-friendly to "the love child of MGMT and Justin Timberlake" {SOURCE}.  While I'm not sure if those two sounds go together, if nothing else, I'm intrigued.  Jonas has reportedly worked on material with Rob Knox (of The Y's - Rihanna, Ciara) and Danja (Britney Spears, Ciara) as well as other talented songwriters and producers.  Frankmusik was also working with Jonas on material for his solo album, however it looks like those tracks won't make the final album.  Disappointing but the project still sounds potentially hot.  As far as I'm concerned, Joe Jonas + electropop = GOLD.  Download "See No More" on iTunes June 13th and check out the hot teaser below for a taste.
Check out Joe Jonas on the web:

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Ones to Watch in 2011: Fallulah

Next to Sweden and the UK, Denmark might be my next favorite pop music pool. The country is responsible for popular acts including Raveonettes, Whigfield, Alphabeat and Infernal as well as guilty pleasures like Aqua. While electropop acts like Alphabeat and Infernal are great, there's a time and a place for everything and right now, singer/songwriter Fallulah's soothing, folk-pop voice fits my summery mood just perfectly. Fallulah is set to make her UK debut with the release of "I Lay My Head," on August 29th. Per the press release:
"‘I Lay My Head’ is three minutes of catchy, fun pop that starts with playful guitar and clapping and leads into a gorgeous chorus of strong husky vocals backed by Balkan
style drums, teasing tambourines and melodic xylophones. The video features Fallulah
doing a cute pop style shuffle routine which is crying out to be copied. Remixes come
courtesy of Star Athlete and Shooks."
Sounds amazing! You had me at tambourines and xylophones! While Fallulah may be a new name to most of us, in her hometown of Copenhagen (and throughout Denmark) she's already a star. The talented singer songwriter, who's voice and style could be compared to Bat For Lashes, Kate Bush and Lykki Li, was nominated for the Danish Grammies as well as the Critic's Choice Awards and recently performed on the finale for the Danish version of X-Factor and at the National Radio Awards, during which she claimed the "main prize." At the age of 26, Fallulah has seemingly accomplished so much already and is showing no signs of stopping.

Prior to releasing her debut single in August, Fallulah will make her debut appearance on stage in Britain at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen on June 15th. Her album, The Black Cat Neighbourhood, is due out sometime in early 2012.  Listen to "I Lay My Head" below and get ready to fall in love with this bright, new talent from Denmark.

Fallulah - I Lay My Head by PurplePR

Check out Fallulah on the web:

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