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Monday, February 7, 2011

T-Minus 10 Days...and Counting...

The big "Hold It Against Me" reveal is getting closer and closer by the day. TODAY, Britney Spears released Teaser #4 for the Jonas Åkerlund-directed video. The single, the first off of Brit Brit's upcoming 7th studio album, Femme Fatale debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 when it was released in early January. In the latest teaser, we see Britney striking a fierce pose, surrounded by back up dancers and bright lights. This is getting good. The "Hold It Against Me" video premieres on Friday, February 18th.  Download the single on iTunes HERE.

Check out Britney Spears on the web:


New Parralox Single, Remix Album Due February 25th

I can't believe it's been about a year since I last blogged about Australian electro-pop duo Parralox (John von Ahlen & Amii). Following the release of "Supermagic," Parralox is ready to unleash the new track, "I Sing The Body Electric," which serves as single #2 off the bands album Metropolis. Taking their love of the 80s to the extreme, Parralox mastermind John von Ahlen dedicates the song to the Eurythmics, one of his biggest musical influences and inspirations.
"A crisp beat, beautiful melodies and the velvety voice of Parralox lead vocalist Amii, takes the listener on a timeless journey, to a place where you can live your life in strange dimensions."
Remixing the single we have Edge Of Dawn, Angeltheory, Code64, Lustobjekt and Zynic. As an added bonus, Tycho Brahe teams up with Arthur Barrow (the Bass guitarist for The Doors, Janet Jackson, Nina Hagen and Giorgio Moroder’s bassist and chief programmer) on a remix of a song called "Miracles." Check out the tracklisting below and download the single HERE (U.S.) or HERE (UK) when it's released on February 25th.

Tracklisting (limited CD-ep edition):

01. I Sing The Body Electric (Radio)
02. I Sing The Body Electric (Extended)
03. I Sing The Body Electric (Angeltheory Remix)
04. I Sing The Body Electric (Zynic Remix)
05. I Sing The Body Electric (Lustobjekt Remix)
06. Miracles (Tycho Brahe GM85 12 Inch)
07. Love Is Enough (Code 64 Remix Edit)
08. Acrimony (Never Endless Remix)
09. In The Night (East Village Remix)
10. Footsteps (The TL Midnight Mix)
11. Time (People Theatre's Blessing Mix)
12. Machines (Dubstar Remix - Part One & Two)
13. Breakdown on 13th Street (NYC Remix)

As if that wasn't enough good news, Parralox is releasing a WHOLE new album of remixes and rarities on the same day their new single comes out - February 25th. Called Metropolism, the new album features five new tracks and ten exclusive remixes of songs found on the Metropolis album. Included on the album, a rare cover of the duo's New Order cover of "Touched By The Hand of God." Check out the tracklisting below for Metropolism and make sure you get it on February 25th.


01. Freakopolis
02. New Light (Rotersand vs Timo van Laak Rework)
03. Don't Listen To Me (Freak In Me Remix)
04. Touched By The Hand Of God (Extended)
05. Acrimony (Markus Reinhardt Mix)
06. Machines (Dubstar Version - Part One)
07. The Hunger
08. Miracles (Tycho Brahe GM85 7 Inch)
09. Promised Land (People Theatre's Diamond Mix)
10. So Special
11. Ancient Times (Iris Remix Edit)
12. I Sing The Body Electric (Edge Of Dawn Extended Remix)
13. Let's Stay Together
14. Love Is Enough (Code 64 Extended Remix)
15. Failure (Metropolism)

Check out Parralox on the web:
Official Site//MySpace//Facebook//Twitter

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Shayne Ward Releases Third Album in America on Tuesday, 'Close To Close' To Serve as Lead Single

It appears that X-Factor winner Shayne Ward is releasing Obsession in America. Ward announced the news on Friday via Facebook:
"Calling America! Great news for all Shayne's US fans! The brilliant third album Obsession is set for a digital release on February 8th in the US! "Close To Close" will be the lead track in the States so don't forget to call your local radio station and request it! ;) Also visit VEVO on Tuesday to see the hot video for... ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ and be sure to follow Shayne on Twitter for more news."
This is all very interesting indeed. While Obsession hasn't been a complete failure in Ward's native UK, it has been the least successful of his three albums. Starting out strong with his debut self titled album premiering at #1 back in 2006, Ward's sophomore album, 2007's Breathless peaked at #2 on the Official UK Album Chart.  When Obsession was released back in November the album managed to stall out at the #15 spot on the UK Album Chart. What's more, the first single off of Obsession, a cover of Nickelback's "Gotta Be Somebody" is Ward's second lowest charting single to date, peaking at #12 - just two spots higher than his third and final single off his debut album.

Even more confusing still is the fact that Shayne Ward has yet to release a second single off of Obsession.  Why focus any energy on cracking the U.S. market when you still have promo to do in your home country? It just doesn't seem like a smart decision.  If you're going to crack America, you need to put EVERYTHING into it and even that's not a guarantee that you're going to succeed.  I can say that NOT releasing "Gotta Be Somebody" as the first single in America was probably a wise move.  Nickelback is a pretty polarizing band here in the states - either you love them or you hate them with a passion.

The first U.S. single, "Close To Close" is a mid-tempo pop/R&B track co-written by Max Martin, Arnthor Birgisson and Savan Kotecha with Birgisson filling in on producer duties as well.  While I'd like to see Shayne come to this side of the pond to help promote the album, seeing that it's strictly a digital release I don't see it happening.  Heck - I'm shocked that there was even an announcement at all.  Watch the video for "Gotta Be Somebody" BELOW and get yourself a copy of Obsession when it's released tomorrow, February 8th.  Thanks goes to Pop Music Notes for the heads up on this.

Check out Shayne Ward on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Anoop Desai - All Is Fair (Crazy Love)

American Idol Season 8 alum, Anoop Desai released a new video for the song, "All Is Fair (Crazy Love)" off his Ian Schreier-produced debut EP, All Is Fair. The single was written by Desai and David Mikush and was the featured track in September of last year when Clear Channel Music and iheartradio chose him as an "artist to watch." "All is Fair (Crazy Love)" is Desai's second single and serves as the follow up to "My Name," co-written by Brandon Rogers and Desai and released in March of last year.  The video starts out fairly typical, with Anoop, wooing a pretty girl with his voice. Then she whips out two pistols and shoots 3 holes right through him.  By the time the video is over, Anoop's been set aflame and electrocuted.  I guess this is where the "crazy love" part of the song title comes into play.

I love Anoop Desai (always have) and think he has a terrific voice. The problem with his singles is that they lack a certain amount of originality - both songs drift into generic R&B territory.  That's not to say that Anoop doesn't sing them well, I'm just disappointed with the material.  I think Desai has a great R&B voice - smooth and sexy - and he has a great look too.   Both songs are well produced, however that's not enough. Anoop needs to step it up a bit on the next one. Check out the fun video BELOW.

Check out Anoop Desai on the web:
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Hot Video Alert: Dionne Bromfield feat. Diggy Simmons - Yeah Right

As much as I enjoyed Dionne Bromfield's first album, made up entirely of Motown covers, I knew it wasn't a formula for a long career. Sure, artists like Michael Bublé have made careers out of covering standards but for a 15 year-old talent like Bromfield, I knew that her sophomore record had to be something more original, literally. First single, "Yeah Right," is original alright. It's a complete original and I love everything about it. Dionne Bromfield still maintains her Motown sound while singing something that's current...something that's right now. Featuring an appearence from up & coming U.S. rapper, reality star and son of Rev. Run Simmons - Diggy Simmons - "Yeah Right" is a soulful, sassy anthem and the perfect vehicle to re-launch Bromfield into the musical spotlight.

Check out the fun video BELOW, directed by Emil Nava (Parade, Jessie J), featuring Dionne Bromfield, Diggey Simmons and a crew of back up dancers shaking their stuff around a fancy old hotel. Bromfield is signed to Lioness Records, an imprint of Univeral/Island Records, started by her Godmother, singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse. "Yeah Right" is the first single to be released off Bromfield's sophomore album, Good For The Soul, due out in the Spring.
"The album is a collection of all new soul songs co-written by Dionne and some of the UK's premier songwriters, and looks set to establish her as a writer and genuine star in her own right. Good For The Soul is absolutely the birth of Dionne Bromfield: the artist. It is a sound that fits perfectly into the catalogue of a new British soul tradition, of artists like Plan B and Paloma Faith that have contemporised their Motown leanings, freshly minting them for a brand new generation"
Perfect! This is exactly what I had in mind for Bromfield's sophomore record. Keep the soul, but make it modern. Looks like Dionne Bromfield is in it for the long haul.

Check out Dionne Bromfield on the web:

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West End Star Kerry Ellis To Release 'Defying Gravity' Dance Remix, Proceeds Go To Charity

I love a good BROADWAY dance remix. I don't remember the first time I heard a Broadway song remixed, but I do remember which ones I like. I think the remixes for "I Just Wanna Dance" (Jerry Springer: The Opera) are phenomenal. When the remixes were released from the RENT movie soundtrack, I was in heaven. Then Idina Menzel went ahead and re-recorded "Defying Gravity" and THAT was remixed. AMAZING! While Kerry Ellis isn't a name that too many people are familiar with over on this side of the pond, over in her native UK she's a stage PHENOM. Ellis made her West End debut back in 2001 in a revival of My Fair Lady as Martine McCutcheon's understudy in the lead role of Eliza Doolittle. Ellis got her spotlight later on when she originated the role of Meat in We Will Rock You and played lead roles in Les Misérables, Wicked and Oliver! Her role as Elphaba in Wicked actually brought her to New York City where she played the role from June 18 - November 9 2008.

Anthems is the debut studio album from Kerry Ellis, released in September of 2010 on Decca/Universal. Produced by Brian May (the lead guitarist from Queen), the eleven-track album features a variety of songs - some from Broadway shows, some from movies, some covers. The critically-acclaimed album peaked at #15 on the UK Albums Chart and remained on the charts for two weeks. To date, the album has spawned two singles - "I'm Not That Girl" (from Wicked) and "Anthem" (from Chess). On March 20th, the third single, a special remix of "Defying Gravity" (also from Wicked) is due for release. Remixed by the people behind G-A-Y, a popular gay club in London, all proceeds generated from this single will go to The Mercury Phonenix Trust fighting AIDS Worldwide and G-A-Y's chosen charity. Listen to a snippet of the remix below. Can't wait to hear the whole thing!

Track listing:

1. G-A-Y Remix
2. G-A-Y Radio Edit With Intro
3. G-A-Y Radio Edit

Check out Kerry Ellis on the web:
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Jessie J and Adele Top Official UK Singles/Albums Charts

English singer/songwriter Jessie J has clocked her first #1 single. It was announced today that Jessie J's second single, the B.o.B.-assisted "Price Tag" debuted in the #1 spot on the Official UK Singles chart, unseating Bruno Mars' "Grenade" from the top spot. Jessie J's first single, "Do It Like A Dude" peaked at #2 when it was released last November and was considered a massive hit, so Jessie J should be doing cartwheels over this achievement. "Price Tag" was produced by Dr. Luke and co-written by Jessie J, Lukasz Gottwald, Claude Kelly, and Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. The UK release of Jessie J's debut album, Who You Are (Lava/Universal Republic), has been bumped up to February 28th. It's due out in America on April 12th. American fans can look forward to "Casualty Of Love," a new ballad that will serve as the third single, due out February 15th on iTunes. Download "Price Tag" on iTunes HERE. Check out the rest of the Top Ten below:

OFFICIAL UK SINGLES TOP 10//February 12, 2011

1. Jessie J feat. B.o.B.//Price Tag
2. Bruno Mars//Grenade
3. Ke$ha//We R Who We R
4. Adele//Rolling In The Deep
5. Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris//Tonight (I'm F**king You)
6. Diddy Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey//Coming Home
7. Jessie J//Do It Like A Dude
8. Taio Cruz feat. Travie McCoy & Kylie Minogue//Higher
9. Chris Brown//Yeah 3X
10. Chase & Status feat. Liam Bailey//Blind Faith


Over on the Official UK Albums chart, Adele proves to be an unstoppable force as her sophomore album, 21, remains in the #1 spot for the second week in a row with second week sales of over 135,000.  This gives Adele two #1 records, including her debut album, 19, which went to the top when it was released in 2008.  Not only that but her debut album has re-entered the Top Ten, sitting pretty in the #4 spot.  The new album showcases a more mature sound for Adele and features the lead single "Rolling In The Deep," which peaked at #2 on the UK Singles chart and currently sits at #4.  Featuring production from Rick Rubin, Paul Epworth, Jim Abbiss, Fraser T Smith, Ryan Tedder and Dan Wilson, 21 is do out in North America February 22nd on Columbia Records.  Download "Rolling In The Deep" on iTunes HERE.  You can also now download the Jamie XX Shuffle remix HERE. Check out the rest of the Top Ten below:

OFFICIAL UK ALBUMS TOP 10//February 12, 2011

1. Adele//21
2. Chase & Status//No More Idols
3. Bruno Mars//Doo-Wops & Hooligans
4. Adele//19
5. Rihanna//Loud
6. Eva Cassidy//Simply Eva
7. Ellie Goulding//Lights
8. Imelda May//Mayhem
9. Rumer//Seasons of My Soul
10. Cee-Lo Green//The Lady Killer


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