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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hot Video Alert: Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

As much as I now love Katy Perry's latest Teenage Dream single, "The One That Got Away," seeing Perry in old woman makeup is making it rather difficult to take her seriously.  I'm of course referring to the Floria Sigismondi (Katy Perry's "E.T.", the film Runaways)-directed video in which Perry, playing herself as an old woman, reminisces back on an old love (played by Diego Luna) who died tragically years before.  As emotional as the subject matter is, I can't help but be reminded of Marty McFly's mother, played by actress Lea Thompson playing an older version of herself in Back To The Future II. The aging makeup effects were horrendous there as well! If you are able to get past the making up effects, it really is quite a nice video.

As far as the song itself is considered, "The One That Got Away" isn't my favorite Teenage Dream single, but considering we're already six singles in I guess that makes sense.  The song was co-written by Perry, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, the latter two whom also produced the track.  Perry sounds pretty good on the mid-tempo pop ballad, shaking off all of the haters who claim she can't sing a slow song.  While I much prefer Katy Perry doing something up-tempo, it's nice that she can show this sort of versatility.  It's also nice to see that Perry isn't a slave to her record label, releasing singles at their whim. According to a statement from EMI Music/Capitol Records Executive Vice President of Marketing and Promotion, Greg Thompson to Billboard, that the single was released at Perry's behest, because it was different and because she has an ear for catchy top 40 radio hits. I'm not going to disagree there. Katy has had more than her fair share of hit singles.

To date the single has peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart becoming her sixth top 5 single from Teenage Dream and eighth of her career.  The single does have the misfortune of being the first single from Teenage Dream to not go #1, however it is climbing still so there's still a chance at the top spot.  The single already topped Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart and has been doing well elsewhere in the world, peaking at #18 in the UK, and #1 in both Belgium and Poland.

The video for "The One That Got Away" was officially premiered on November 11th on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, followed by a premier on later that afternoon.  An extended version of the video was shown at select advance screenings of the much buzzed about My Week With Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams.  Check it out below and download the single on U.S. iTunes HERE. You can also get a the remix EP featuring mixes by 7th Heaven, Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda, R3hab, Plastic Plates and Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries HERE.  There's also an obligatory rap remix featuring B.o.B. that you can download right HERE.

Now, as news recently broke over Katy Perry's impending divorce from Russell Brand, I'm wishing her all the best during this no doubt difficult time. Take a break girl. You deserve some time off.

Check out Katy Perry on the web:

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