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Monday, May 23, 2011

R&B Singer JoJo Set to Release New Single June 7th

New music from JoJo is SO close I can taste it! If you haven't heard JoJo's new single, "The Other Chick" yet then now's your chance.  Check it out HERE.  Produced by Oak (Alesha Dixon, Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Hudson), "The Other Chick" really shows how much JoJo has matured in the six years since she exploded onto the music scene with her angsty pop hit "Leave (Get Out)."  The song is a grown up R&B pop masterpiece that showcases JoJo's range and personality.  Destined to be a hit, "The Other Chick" sparkles with slick production and silky-smooth vocals.  What a way to make a comeback.  JoJo is about to hit it hard!  "The Other Chick" will be available for digital download on June 7th and look for the video, which was shot last month by director Kai Regan.

It's hard to believe that when JoJo released her first single, she was only 13 years old.  So much power in that voice!  So much emotion in that song! How can this girl only be 13?  Sure, at that age JoJo wasn't writing her own music, but still!  JoJo went on to release two additional singles from her self-titled debut (including my personal favorite, "Baby It's You") before moving on to her sophomore album, The High Round, which she released two years later in 2006 through her label Blackground/Universal.  The album's first single, "Too Little, Too Late," was a beautiful pop ballad co-written by Billy Steinberg, Josh Alexander and Ruth-Anne Cunningham.  The song was a sexier, more mature version of "Leave (Get Out)" and unfortunately for me, the highlight of the album.  While I DID love the WAWA remixes for third single "Anything," the rest of the album was a major disappointment.

Now, here we are in 2011 and a twenty-year old JoJo is about ready to release her new single, "The Other Chick," followed by her fourth studio album, Jumping Trains, due out later this year via Blackground/Interscope Records.  I can't believe it's been five years since The High Road came out.  Now, I know that the delay frustrated the hell out of JoJo, but I'm hoping for a silver lining here.  I'm hoping that this extra time went into making this the BEST album of JoJo's date.

In September, JoJo released a mixtape to tide fans over with new music.  The mixtape featured a promotional single, the INCREDIBLY sexy "In The Dark," which was produced by written by Jordan Gatsby.  JoJo even served as co-writer on the track, which got the full single treatment, complete with a hot video directed by Nicole Ehrlich and Clarence Fuller.  The video marked a sort of transformation for JoJo.  Gone was the innocent teenage girl vibe that came through in her first two albums.  Musically, JoJo had changed too, going darker and a little bit electro. I LOVED it.

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Lights, Lights, Lights! Ellie Goulding Announces New U.S. Tour, Releases 'Lights' Remix EP

Today is a BIG day for all U.S. Ellie Goulding fans. Not only did Ellie release a new remix EP for her single, "Lights," but she also announced her SECOND U.S. tour and released some tickets for pre-sale. AMAZING! My ticket has already been locked. Hopefully I can find someone to go with me...because I only bought one. Oopsie! Impulsive? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely.  If you missed seeing Ellie out on her last sold out tour then here's your chance!  Check out Ellie Goulding's Facebook page for special Pre-Sale ticket information, available ONLY through tomorrow, May 25th.  In addition to the tour dates listed below, Ellie Goulding will be making the rounds at some North American summer festivals, appearing at Osheaga in Montreal (July 30-31), Kanrocksas in Kansas City (August 5), Lollapalooza in Chicago (August 6th) and Outside Lands in San Francisco (August 12-14).

Ellie Goulding Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Bassnectar

Now, for the new remixes.  "Lights" was written by co-written by Goulding and co-written and produced by Biff Stannard and Ash Howes, peaking at #49 on the Official UK Singles Chart back when it was released in March.  While it has yet to chart in the U.S., following Goulding's appearance on Saturday Night Live as musical guest, sales for her album Lights increased by 231%, re-entering the Billboard 200 at #82, and climbing to #72 {SOURCE}.   On the Digital Albums chart, Lights peaked at #15 and the single "Lights" is currently sitting at #115 on the iTunes pop singles chart.

The newly released remix EP features mixes from Bassnectar, MK Charlee, Max Gordon and Shook.  Check out the fantastic Bassnectar mix above and download the EP on iTunes HERE.  I've also re-posted the delicious Sophie Muller-directed video for "Lights" below so feast your eyes and get ready for an Ellie summer!

Tour Dates:

July 23 / Atlanta, GA / Center Stage
July 25 / Washington DC / 9:30 Club
July 26 / Philadelphia, PA / Electric Factory
July 27 / Boston, MA / House of Blues
July 29 / New York, NY / Terminal 5
August 1 / Toronto, ON / Kool Haus
August 2 / Royal Oak/Detroit, MI / Royal Oak Music Theatre
August 4 / Minneapolis, MN / Fine Line Music Cafe
August 8 / Denver, CO / Ogden Theatre
August 11 / Los Angeles, CA / The Wiltern
Check out Ellie Goulding on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Taryn Manning - Turn It Up

If you don't recognize the name Taryn Manning, you might recognize the face. This talented singer/actress is probably more known for her acting career, starring in popular films like Crazy/Beautiful, Crossroads, 8 Mile, Hustle & Flow and in TV series like Sons of Anarchy, Hawaii Five-0 and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In addition to acting, Manning is part of Boomkat, an electropop duo featuring Taryn and her brother Kellin Manning.  While the future of Boomkat is unclear at this point, Manning appears to be moving full steam ahead with her solo career.  Earlier this month, Manning released the video for a new song, "Turn It Up." Directed by Hellin Kay, the video features Manning in a number of scenes, including an industrial rooftop of some kind and a white room with nothing but a solitary hanging mic.  A little naughty and a little nice, both Manning and her infectious new electropop single sizzle with sex appeal, and only make me more eager to hear what's next.

Boomkat released their first album, Boomkatalog.One back in 2003 on Dreamworks Records, peaking at #88 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album's first single, "The Wreckoning," went on to top the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, with remixes by Thunderpuss, DJ Monk, Brother Brown, Chris Vrenna and more. While the duo did release a second single, "What U Do 2 Me," the single did not perform nearly as well and Boomkat left their label shortly after. In 2008 Boomkat returned with a new EP called Runaway, featuring the title song and remixes.  In 2009, Boomkat released their sophomore effort, A Million Trillion Stars via Little Vanilla Records, a label started by Manning.  Produced by Mike Elizondo (P!nk, Maroon 5) the album and subsequent singles failed to chart.

While nothing has been recently confirmed, with the release of "Turn It Up," I think it's safe to assume that Manning is working on an album. Back in 2009, she gave an interview with Adam's World where Manning described her forthcoming solo project as "colorful, flamboyant" dance music, which would differ from Boomkat, which she called "a little darker, experimental, like Portishead kind of stuff." In 2009, Manning premiered the Linney-produced "So Talented," on an episode of the since cancelled Melrose Place reboot (download it HERE).  Most recently, Manning appeared on an episode of Hawaii Five-0, not only as an actress, but on the soundtrack, where you can hear her song "Spotlight."

Download Boomkat's back catalog on iTunes HERE and check out Taryn Manning's new solo single "Turn It Up" HERE.  I was already a fan of Taryn Manning, the actress so falling in love with Taryn Manning the singer was bound to happen.
Check out Taryn Manning on the web:

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Ballroom Remixed: New Album out May 24th, featuring Simon Curtis, Elouise, Lucas Prata, Linda Teodosiu and More!

One of my favorite reality TV series is So You Think You Can Dance. If you too are a fan of the show (at least the U.S. and Canadian versions) you'll recognize Melanie LaPatin from her work as a choreographer, putting together slick and sexy routines for the show's contestants week after week. As a dancer and choreographer, you have to find inspiration in all kinds of music and So You Think You Can Dance is ALL ABOUT spotlighting artists based on their sound, not their popularity or airplay on the radio (although a lot of popular artists/songs do make it onto the show). Melanie LaPatin Presents Ballroom Remixed is a 22-track compilation album of songs "intended for and/or were inspired by the world of ballroom dance." Created under the guidance of LaPatin, this epic playlist was put together by British producers Ricardo Autobahn and Richard Hymas. Autobahn and Hymas called upon American songwriter Charlie Mason to handle lyrics and Welsh graphic artist Liam Curry to help put the finishing touches together. Looks like the boys did LaPatin proud:
"I told the guys I needed some ballroom music,” Melanie recalls. “Something new, something fresh, something different. And, because they're total freaks, they gave me exactly what I asked for, then twisted and bent it, melted it down, reshaped and froze it, then served it to me on a silver platter — with a spork. I must learn to be more careful what I wish for!"
Melanie LaPatin Presents Ballroom Remixed will be released on May 24th and features contributions from a bevvy of talented artists from all over the world, including the stunningly beautiful UK talent Elouise, talented pop duo Tammy Jay and Kally (of Electrovamp), electropop up & comer Simon Curtis, promising newcomer Kyle Brylin, German popstar and Deutschland sucht den Superstar finalist Linda Teodosiu, DJ/House Singer Lucas Prata, incredibly sexy singer/personal trainer Lee Latchford Evans (of Steps) and much more! Check out the full tracklisting below the cut and check out the official website HERE for more information on the artists, songwriters, contributors and about Melanie LaPatin herself. Check out the album when it's released on iTunes May 24th by NinthWave Records (home to Music Is My King Size Bed favorite Van Go Lion) and get ready to dance!

In the mean time, why don't you scope out this little album teaser featuring song snippets and additional info.  The new season of So You Think You Can Dance premieres May 26th on Fox.

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Dionne Bromfield Unveils 'Foolin'" Music Video, Sophomore Album Due Next Month

Dionne Bromfield is a promising young talent from across the pond that I've been championing for some time now. She's only 15 years old but the talent that emanates from this girl is astounding. On her debut album, Introducing Dionne Bromfield, this young star sang her heart out on Motown classics like "Tell Him," "Mama Said," and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," sounding like a singer straight out of the Motown era. With a voice as distinctive as Bromfield's, when I heard she was doing an album of original material for her sophomore release, I was both excited and nervous at the same time. Her voice seems tailor made for old soul songs like the ones found on her was she going to morph and change that sound to appear more relevant and current without sacrificing her individuality?  It sounded like a gamble to me.  Luckily, it was a gamble that paid off.

In February, Dionne Bromfield released "Yeah Right," and offered fans the first tidbit from her new album, Good For The Soul.  Any doubt I had quickly faded away.  The song mixed old with new, maintaining some of those classic Motown elements that defined Bromfield's debut, adding in the fresh sounds of up & coming U.S. rapper Diggy Simmons.  While the song wasn't a bonafide hit, peaking at #36 on the UK Singles Chart, it did best Bromfield's last charting single, "Mama Said," which only managed a #43 spot on the charts.

Due out on June 20th via Lioness/Island Records, Dionne Bromfield's new single, "Foolin'" features another rising U.S. hip-hop talent, Lil Wayne protege and fellow Young Money Millionaire Lil Twist. The stunning video for "Foolin'" features Bromfield playing three different characters, each decked out in a different look, all of them playing off the whole retro, vintage look that has defined her career thus far. The super fun video features Chris and Wes, winners of the UK version of So You Think You Can Dance, though Lil Twist appears to be missing.

Dionne Bromfield's sophomore album, Good For The Soul, is scheduled for release on June 27th via her God Mother, Amy Winehouse's label, Lioness Records, distributed through Island Records. In writing the album, Bromfield flew to L.A. and worked with hitmakers including Toby Gad (Rihanna, Beyonce). In addition to a new sound, Bromfield also found her voice as a writer on Good For The Soul, co-writing with Gad as well as with John Paul 'Bluey' Maunick, Duffy collaborator Steve Booker and Dusty Springfield/Amy Winehouse collaborator Paul O'Duffy. Together with the help of these industry professionals, Bromfield is ready to share with the world her new and very different album. According to the press release:
"'Good For The Soul' is absolutely the birth of Dionne Bromfield: the artist. ‘To be honest, it couldn’t feel further away from the first one, which I love and I loved making. But this is next level and it had to be.’ It is a sound that fits perfectly into the catalogue of a new British soul tradition, of artists like Plan B and Paloma Faith that have contemporised their Motown leanings, freshly minting them for a brand new generation."
Well said.  Check out the stunning video for "Foolin'" below and get ready to download the single on iTunes starting on June 20th.  Look out for remixes from Bellatrax and Seamus Haji.  Good For The Soul is out June 27th.
Check out Dionne Bromfield on the web:

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Ones to Watch in 2011: Connor

Connor is an artist you best keep your eyes fixed on. Quickly making a name for himself in the Urban music scene, the super talented East London rapper spits verses like he's been doing it for years and he's only 19 years old! Not only is Connor a spitfire when it comes to rap, but he's also taught himself to play the guitar, bass and even the drums. Add to that a National Diploma in music and loads of raw talent, Connor is setting himself up for a long and successful career.

Debut single, "One On One" blends hip-hop, grime and pulsating electro-beats into a hot track that caught the attention of production team, Digital Dog (Steve Cornish and Nick Mace), who've remixed tracks for artists including Alexandra Burke, Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole, Chipmunk, Ciara, Duffy, P!nk, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and so many more. The fact that Digital Dog have turned their attention on a fresh, new artist such as Connor speaks highly of his artistry and talent.  Listen to "One On One" below and listen to the Digital Dog dub HERE.

Connor - One On One by quitegreatmusic

Connor recently signed to indie label Reverie Seven Records and just completed a tour with UK rapper Aggro Santos. A UK tour is planned for the end of May, followed by the release of "One On One" June 12th. It's time to get excited about Connor, one of my "Ones To Watch in 2011."

Check out Connor on the web:

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