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Music Is My King Size Bed

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot Video Alert: Preeya feat. Mumzy Stranger - Shimmy (Live on GMTV)

Now I'm no miming expert but it sure sounded like TRIPLE THREAT Preeya Kalidas was singing her debut single "Shimmy" live this morning on UK morning program GMTV...right? Am I wrong?  If that is her singing live, I I'm impressed. What a voice!  Miming works if you're a seasoned pro but as an artist just starting out in POP you HAVE to make an impression and really show your talent (*AHEM* Katie Price *AHEM*).  Not only does Preeya sound AMAZING but she looks gorgeous as well.  She and Mumzy Stranger play off each other and really turn out QUITE the performance.

UK fans can pick up Preeya's debut single, "Shimmy" when it's released via Mercury Records on July 26th.  Oh and check out the video for the single AND the Bimbo Jones Remix of the track. BOTH are HOT.  What do you all think of Preeya?   I, for one, would love to see Kalidas go and have a successful post-acting career as a singer.  Where so many have failed, I think Preeya has a shot at making it in the industry.  Hopefully we can expect an album out later this year. 

**UPDATE** According to a TWEET from Preeya herself, she was singing live. I should never have doubted you, girl. Keep it up!

Check out Preeya on the web:

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Hot Video Alert: Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk

"Dirty Talk" is an infectious bit of electro-pop sweetness.  And the just released Armen Djerrahian-directed music video?  Not what I all.

It all starts out a bit 'Harry Potter,' with Gordon, dressed in a school uniform, saying good bye to her mates.  Clutching a big spell book, she wanders off into the forest. When she falls into trouble (literally), thank GOD for the naughty Wood Nymphs that happen to be there. Flitting about and surrounding her like a harem of horny Tinker Bells, the nymphs corrupt young Wynter's mind, whispering sweet nothings into her ear, eventually leading her to an orgy on the beach.

Again...not what I expected. I'm amused to say the least.

The song though...I can't get enough of it!  Having JUST topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, the Jupiter Ace-produced "Dirty Talk" was written by Gordon, Gregory Ferguson, Mike Caren, Nicole Morier, Norman White.  The majority of America last heard Gordon as the featured vocalist on Flo-Rida's Top 5 hit, "Sugar," and now...FINALLY it's her turn to shine.  While I think "Dirty Talk" is a bit too EURO to succeed on Top 40 Radio, it's already proving itself on the club scene, helped in part by a fabulous remix package from the likes of Chew Fu, Jeremy Word, Laidback Luke, Kim Fai, Ocelot and more!  "Dirty Talk" is the first single off of Wynter's debut album, With The Music I Die, due out this year.  Wynter Gordon is one to watch.

Check out Wynter Gordon on the web:

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Not Out Til' September, Robyn Teases Fans with New Single

All I can say after listening to the SINGLE version of Robyn's next single, "Hang With Me," (off Body Talk Part 2) is....WHY THE #$&! DO WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER 6th?!?!?!?!?!?! This just seems so unfair! YES, Robyn is busy with releasing 3 "mini-albums" over the course of one year NOT TO MENTION touring with Kelis on the All Hearts Tour but one single per album?  "Dancing On My Own," Robyn's one and only single off Body Talk Part 1, made it to #3 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart and to #8 on the UK Singles Chart.  The album made it to #3 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart, #97 on the Billboard 200 and #47 on the UK Albums Chart.

To be fair, I guess releasing a single does require time-consuming PROMOTION, (i.e. videos, TV appearances, etc.) and Robyn probably won't have time with all that she has going on but MAN. Now that I've had a taste...I want more and I want it NOW!  In the meantime,  I guess the acoustic version of the track, itself, a beautiful piece of pop heaven, will have to suffice. "Hang With Me" comes out September 6th, the same day Body Talk Part 2 is released.

Check out Robyn on the web:

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